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Playing the Powerball Online – 5 Tips to Improve Your Odds

The USA Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries nowadays, which is understandable considering the massive jackpot amounts which have been awarded throughout the years. It takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 1 minute to 11 pm EST, starting with the drawing of five white balls out of a pool of 69 and one red Powerball out of 26.

Improve Your Odds of Winning Powerball

Tips To Increase your Chances of Winning the Powerball

Playing the Powerball is surely exciting, but not everyone was able to do it up until recently. Once online lottery platforms had been set up by multiple operators, everyone with access to the Internet were eligible to try their chances.

With such availability and increased player pool, there is an even more imminent need to improve your odds, the following tips are sure to help you in that endeavor.

Tip 1: Let the computer choose the numbers

People tend to get sentimental with their Powerball numbers, choosing from important dates and limiting their number options up to 31. In order to avoid being too subjective, it is advisable to go with the Quick Pick option.

Now that online Powerball lottery tickets are available for purchase, you don’t even have to wait in line for your picks at the local drugstore – just sign in and let the online generator produce your winning ticket.

If you are really interested in lottery games, or if you do buy lottery tickets on a regular basis, then lotto software can go a long way to determining your lottery winnings. You can check some useful lottery softwares here at Lottery ‘n Go.

Tip 2:  Buy more than one ticket

The more lines with different number combinations you buy, the better your odds of winning the Powerball. They will still be somewhere around the 1:292.2 million range, but at least you have tried something that could make them work to your advantage.

Tip 3: Create or join a lottery pool

Lottery Pools

A lottery pool is a group of people who have joined together in order to be able to purchase more tickets for less money. You wouldn’t have to look too far to find one – just ask your friends, family or even coworkers.

If you do happen to win a certain prize, or even the Powerball, you would have to split it among yourselves, but any prize is still better than no prize at all.

Tip 4: Purchase a ticket for every draw

Imagine holding the winning numbers to the Powerball jackpot safe inside your head, and miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime just because you weren’t inclined to spend $2 on a ticket to that night’s draw.

Some people play occasionally and win just as often, while others go through their lives participating in most draws without ever winning anything substantial. Regardless of other’s experience, improving your odds by purchasing tickets regularly is sure to help you win a prize.

An extra tip would be to try buying it in Pennsylvania – there has been a record number of 16 Powerball winning tickets sold in this state.

Tip 5: Have fun and beware of scams

The best way to improve your odds is to stick with reliable, trustworthy online operators – scammers have been known to cheat people out of their winnings. So, as long as you are playing safe and having fun, you are bound to win.

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