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The game influencer marketing is truly huge today. Who would have thought the industry would expand from pixel arcades to a beautiful console-level picture and the ability to fit huge game worlds in a pocket device?

Mobile phones have come a long way, but next to them, there have always been built-in games that were the little brother and the engine of progress in the technological sphere of our world. But who built this path? Let’s figure it out together.

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WAP and Java – The Beginning of Mobile Gaming Development

In the 80s, the games market was actively developing, but it had nothing to do with phones. Moreover, it was possible to play either on home consoles or on bulky arcade machines.

In the early 90s, phones still didn’t have enough performance. They were still expensive niche devices, and they were bought by those who were not interested in games. Gradually, the situation changed – mobile phones became smaller, cheaper, and more powerful.

There were games, but they were few. Everything changed when the WAP standard appeared in 1999 – it allowed you to download third-party games through a browser. But there was one more big hurdle – cell phones from different companies had very different specifications and software, so developers had to tailor their games to specific platforms.

However, thanks to the need for a single standard, it would be possible to simultaneously release projects for many models. This is how the Java 2 Micro Edition platform was born.

The advent of the mobile version made Java the mainstay of game influencer marketing, and it was a big breakthrough for the entire mobile games industry.

In addition, phones were limited in many ways: tiny screens, simple graphics, and awkward keyboards. But despite this, mobile gaming has come a long way and occupies a special place in our lives.

Apple and Android

With the advent of the iPhone and Android, mobile gaming became not just entertainment but an entire industry – now developers could sell their games in a digital store that offered developers to make a profit. Since then, the approach to mobile games has also changed.

The iPhone caught the attention of gamers with the smoothness and optimization of games. Indeed, in the initial stages, the iPhone was much better at gaming, although games had to be bought on it, and not all gamers preferred to pay for free games on Android. Apple’s policy has always been difficult, but today is not about that.

Android, in turn, could weakly snap back since phones on this system were often buggy and could not boast game performance. But this was the case until recent years, and today the same Google Pixel is a serious competitor to the iPhone.

Moreover, such a rush to profit from the development of games and the platforms on which they can be published has attracted a lot of studios and developers. As a result, the market is filled with various genres, bright titles, and large projects.

Most of them are done with the help of outsourcing services and the involvement of third-party groups. Therefore, the game art studio here in the world of game development occupies one of the key roles, which helps gamers to play truly masterpiece projects.

As a result, constant competition and the pursuit of mobile gamers were incentives for developing game influencer marketing and devices to produce a picture at the level of full HD quality and without any lag or frame loss.

Genshin Impact as Mobile Gaming Stimulator

The launch of Genshin Impact was the most successful among Chinese games. Mobile versions of the game earned about $60 million a week; in less than two weeks, the game brought its developers more than $100 million and instantly paid off.

In the first month, the mobile version of the game brought its creators $245 million, and in two months – $393 million, becoming the second highest-grossing mobile game in this period, second only to Honor of Kings.

Game Informer rated the game 9.25 out of 10. Nevertheless, Genshin Impact was named Game of the Year 2020 by Google Play and Apple and rightfully took the place of gaming influencer marketing. In addition, the game was nominated for Best RPG and Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2020.

After seeing how much money mobile games can bring in, developers began to focus more on mobile devices as a platform. As a result, technology development has led to the creation of games such as:

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift,
  • Apex Legends Mobile,
  • Diablo Immortal,
  • FIFA 2022 Mobile.

Retro Influencer

Still, this top would not be complete without the flagships that tore the Nokia 3310 and other top gadgets of the last century, and we are talking about classic games (the REAL classic).

The first game appeared in 1994 on the Hagenuk MT-2000 phone. Due to weak hardware and a monochrome display, the choice fell on Tetris, one of the most popular games of the nineties. But a different game has become a cult – “Snake,” pre-installed in the 1997 Nokia 6110.

Now, companies do not install games in advance but rather test the power of their gadgets on top projects.

But it was the desire of people to play the pixel snake that was the impetus for corporations to develop the technology. As a result, mobile gaming is growing daily and becoming a serious competitor to PCs and Consoles.

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