Angel Number Meanings and Symbolism

Angel numbers are said to be those numbers through which our guardian angels send their guidance to us. Many times it happens that one begins to see a particular pattern of numbers frequently.

Spiritual Guide To Angel Number Meanings

Angel Number Meanings

These are not mere numbers, these are the signs and symbols that our angels use to communicate with us. The sudden and repeated appearance of these numbers is said to be a meaningful coincidence.

These number patterns can be read by referring to numerology. In numerology, each number indicates something. The meaning of the angel number can be understood when we see it in the light of numerology.

Appearance of Angel Numbers

We often begin to see angle numbers frequently at different places for days. Many of you may have experienced this. For instance, you may be reaching your office at 10:10 every day since the last few days, around the same time you may have ordered your groceries that amounted to INR 1010.

The same day you may be scrolling through dresses online and the one you liked was priced INR 1010. Many times people just overlook these signs and term them as mere coincidences. In reality, these are meaningful coincidences and should not be ignored. Instead, you must find the underlying meaning of these numbers.

What do Different Single Digit Angel Numbers mean?

Here is a look at the meanings and symbolism of different single digit angel numbers.

Angel Number 1

As per numerology, number 1 is said to be the number of a person who is independent, creative and powerful. Such people have the capability to bring new things into form. Angel number 1 signifies new beginnings. Your angles show you this number to alert you about an upcoming change. It may also be a way to encourage change.

Angel Number 2

Angle number 2 is the symbol of faith. It is a sign that we should not give up. The angles may show you this number during your difficult times indicating that you need to be strong and have faith in the divine. The number also refers to receptivity, service and cooperation

Angel Number 3

As per numerology, number 3 is an auspicious number. It is the sign of the holy Trinity. Angle number 3 signifies that the angles are working on your behalf. This is a highly spiritual number. This should give a feeling of security.

Angel Number 4

If you happen to see number 4 repeatedly then you can be rest assured that your guardian angels are very close to you. It also means that they are working towards helping you.

Angel Number 5

Guardian angels indicate a positive change by way of angel number 5. So, if you are undergoing a change and suddenly begin viewing this angel number then you can be sure that it is going to be a positive change. If you don a positive attitude things will go great.

Angel Number 6

Angel number 6 indicates turning inwards and focusing on important things in life. We are often concerned about material things such as money, property, looks, etc. If you see number 6 frequently then understand that it is time to take the journey inwards. It also means that you should focus your energy on your house and family.

Angel Number 7

Angel number 7 indicates that the angels are glad with the choices you have made and they are wishing you luck. It assures that you are on the right path and are close to achieving success if you continue to work hard and follow the same path.

Angel Number 8

Angel number 8 indicates that abundance is on your way. You will soon see abundance in various aspects of life. You should prepare yourself to embrace it.

Angel Number 9

Angel number 9 indicates the discovery of the purpose of your life and its fulfillment. When you see this number repeatedly, it means you are on your way to discover life’s purpose.

Repeated or Duplicated Angel Numbers and their Meaning

When you see an angel number repeated and duplicated in a series, it increases the urgency of the message the angels are trying to send you. It also increases the power of the message. For instance, angel number 0 indicates connection and angel number 000 is a symbol of love from our creator.

By way of this number, the guardian angels state that no matter what, they will always love you and take care of you and that is a proof of our strong connection with them.  Angel number 000 may also means that we have completed one phase of our lives and should happily move to the next.

Some of the other commonly seen repeated numbers in a series are 111, 222 and 333. Each of these has a distinct meaning attached to it. You may refer to the aforementioned single digit angel number meaning.

If you are seeing the same number duplicated or repeated in a series then, just understand that your guardian angels are trying to emphasize the intensity of that number.

Angels are divine beings who want nothing but the best for us. They want to help and guide us and the medium they have chosen is angel numbers. We must not ignore these divine symbols shown by our angels.

If we view such number patterns repeatedly, we must try to find out the meaning behind the same. This would be our first step towards receiving help from the divine angels.

Our life will become much more sorted if we acknowledge these numbers, look for their meaning to understand what the angels are trying to say and act accordingly.

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