Drawbacks of All-In-One Printers

Printers are some of the essential tools that can’t miss in a typical office. From the small offices to the large business ones, none can run smoothly without a printer. Depending on the nature of your work, you might need different office tools such as scanner, telephone, a few PCs, and of course a printer.

All in One Printers


However, today everything is changing thanks to the development of multifunction printers. This all-in-one printer enables you to execute different functions that you would need to have different types of printers to perform them.

For instance, some years back you would need to have specialized printers to print photos, colored documents or even to print on specific types of papers.

That’s now a different story when you purchase the all-in-one printer, you can run all printing services with one equipment. If you are planning to save some cash on purchasing or maintenance costs, you should then consider going for the multifunctional printers.

Before you purchase the all-in-one printers, do proper research to ensure that you get the best deals and a high-quality printing machine.

Go for a reputable all-in-one printer manufacturer as well as the supplier to get the best equipment that will guarantee you quality equipment. All said, the multifunctional printers just like other machines have their advantages and their drawbacks.

What the benefits of multifunctional printers?

Majority of the major printing machine manufacturers have invested heavily in integrating all the printing services in one printing machine. Currently, almost all printer manufacturers have now ventured into producing all-in-one printing machines.

The companies have discovered that there is a growing demand for multifunction printers due to the various benefits they offer to the users. The benefits are as follows.

You can have almost everything you need in one device.

Why do we say almost everything? The chance of getting an all-in-one printer fitted with everything you need in your business is close to zero. However, a majority of the multi-functional printers are equipped with either scanner, copier fax machine, or even telephone in some cases.

This means that you will be able to perform more functions at your office with a single printer. With the all-in-one printer, you will not need extra space in your office since they are smaller and more effective than the traditional ones.

They are very easy to maintain.

Because you have the equipment that you need in one technology alone, there will be a lesser device for you to take care of. You will not have to keep a lot of manuals with you. This also means that you will not have to communicate with several offices to have your equipment fixed.

For instance, if something is wrong with the scanner or fax machine, you need to contact the multi-function printer manufacturer since one person can fix both. Therefore, it will be cheaper for you than paying two different individuals to fix each machine.

You can also save space.

One of the common problems with office equipment is that they are very bulky and they eat up a lot of your space. If you are not blessed with a lot of storage facilities in your workspace, you can make use of all-in-one printers. You also don’t have to deal with several machines at one time.

The multifunctional printers come in different sizes depending on the features you need and Manufacturer. Check on various vendor platforms and choose the best size suitable for your office.

You can save on costs.

It will be more expensive for you to purchase the office equipment one by one than to buy a multi-function printer. Also using a multifunctional printer you will save your budget not only when you buy it but also for your power bills, as you will use only one device which will replace three of them. It will require fewer services than three different devices together.

This then becomes beneficial for your business, especially if you are trying to save on your expenses.

Some manufacturers offer extended warranties upon buying the all-in-one printer, so you will not have to worry about the overall maintenance for some years.

Drawbacks of the all-in-one printer

What about the drawbacks of the all-in-one printer?

Just like other products more so the machines, the all-in-one printer are not 100% perfect. They also have some issues that the manufacturers need to address to make them more useful and reliable. However, the good news is that you can minimize some of the multifunctional drawbacks if you take your time and choose the best brand.

Buying a printer without doing research could be a recipe for troubles in the future and maybe losses since it will be expensive to do regular repairs. Some of the common multifunctional printer disadvantages include.

Quality issues

There have been some complaints from the all-in-one printer users about one service being compromised in favor of the other. Your all-in-one printer can print quality images, but might not be that excellent when scanning documents. Typically, majority of the multifunctional printers have this problem. One service is always better than the other.

Limited usage of features

Furthermore, there is a considerable chance that you cannot use the functions simultaneously. You cannot print a document and scan another or the same document at the same time. Also You cannot send a fax message while your multifunction printer is still printing. You will, therefore, be forced to use one feature at a time.

Failure dependence

Another primary concern raised by many all-in-one printer users is its failure dependence. In case one feature has problems, the chances of other functions ceasing to work are also very high. On the other hand, after any failure, you will have to contact the manufacturer to send a professional technician to fix it.

However, these drawbacks cannot water down the fact that multifunction printers are set to improve the productivity and efficiency of your office. You should consider buying one in future.

The truth is that devices with multiple functions often seem difficult to fix. Also, the cost of fixing them is usually on the high side. The same thing goes for all-in-one-printers. However, there are some brand names that maintain high quality even when the product carries out multiple functions. Printers also have such brands. Carefully make your choice so that you don’t waste your money on low quality all-in-one printers.

Finally, if you are using a Mac device, there are a wide range of All-In-One Printers for Mac too. A little research before you get one will not hurt too.

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