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eCommerce Website | Tips for Designing a Excellence eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites have become an order of the day. Their success or failure depends on the strategies employed to carry out the business. Though everyone may assert that they are doing things correctly but in reality if they aren’t amassing the right amount of visitors turning into customers, then there is surely something somewhere wrong. Do not panic, I have the solution.

eCommerce Website Design

Tips Designing Successful ecommerce Website

Tips Designing Successful eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website Development

First off, ask yourself some questions:

  • Is it SEO friendly?
  • Did you have correct CMS?
  • Is the sign-up process simple?
  • How much information do the product pages contain?
  • Have you installed any on-site analytics?
  • How well are you accomplishing marketing of your site?
  • Do you have an able staff?
  • Is your support team ready?

If yes is the answer to all or most of the questions above, then you are on the right path to success but if not read below to know what exactly you need to do regarding the above.

Make your website SEO friendly

Tips Designing Successful ecommerce Website

SEO Friendly

SEO friendly websites are successful websites and vice-versa. There is an interesting thing which is seen lately – SEO friendly URLs. A lot of successful eCommerce sites include the target keyword in their URL which though makes it big but is reaping benefits for the site and this is exactly what is required.

The Right CMS

The content management system (CMS) plays a huge role in making your site make money. WordPress is good for small blogging sites but for large eCommerce sites, choose the CMS that allows product expansion and large traffic.

A simple sign-up process

Nothing annoys a customer more than having to deal with complicated sign-up process. Easy sign-up process ensures increase in conversion rates leading to more sales and more money.

Effective Product Pages

Product pages are equally important. Spend a good amount of time on the product pages so that you get enough clicks and thereafter enhance conversion rates. Effective product description and call-to-action copy can go a long way in amplifying the conversion rates. This is vital for the visitors who land on your product pages directly from the search engines.

Incorporate Product configurations

Product configurations like Open cart product configuration and woo commerce product configuration for Open cart and woo commerce respectively is a great way of engaging customers as these allow them personalize the product that they need with an array of tools.

Analysis through Software

All eCommerce businesses need to keep a check on the user activity on your site. Analytic software like Google Analytics comes handy in such a situation. It helps in tracking factors such as on-site management, bounce rate and much more.


Tips Designing Successful ecommerce Website


Marketing Is an important tool for informing your prospective buyers about your existence online. You can make use of Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, PPC and others for generating online traffic. Often changes in the design go a long way in gaining profit on Google Adwords.

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Outsource work

Your staff must be experienced and knowledgeable. If you don’t have that, hire skilled personal that have the expertise that you require. Outsourcing is a lot more cost effective policy.

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24/7 support team

It is highly important to have a support team in place even before the product is launched. Issues like usability, account creation, billing and many things may crop up once you start doing trade. A support team will ensure that these are resolved with efficacy to the customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

Follow the above eCommerce Website Designing Tips and make your Business Rise and Shine. 🙂 🙂

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