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What Small Business Website Owners Should Know About Website Downtime

Small Business Website Owners are well aware of the fact that having a website is very important today. But many small business owners hardly know about the consequences of website downtime.

Website downtime refers to the time period when your website is not accessible by the end-users. If your site is down, it leaves your customers frustrated and they may move to your competitor’s site and never come back to your site. To avoid this situation, you first need to understand in-detail about website downtime and its causes.

Know the Facts for Small Business Websites

Small Business Website Owners Should Know Website Downtime

Small Business Website Owners Should Know Website Downtime

Types of Website Downtime

Planned website downtime:

Generally, this is done for upgrading, rebooting or for other work. Your website hosting company will surely let you know in advance about this downtime.

Planned temporary downtime:

It is a temporary one, which generally involves repairing and installing programs when something is wrong in your site. Your web hosting company will surely inform you about this at the time of its occurrence.

Unplanned website downtime:

The causes of unplanned website downtime are defective programs, file corruptions and application problems, when any part of a system fails due to malicious hackers or when the traffic exceeds.

Impact of Website Downtime

Small Business website Owners Should Know Website Downtime

Impact of Website Downtime

Loss of revenue:

Continuous downtime can become a nightmare for small business website owners. Because it will creates serious issues like loss of customers, loss of sales, loss of money – it overall affects your revenue.

Drop In Search Engine Ranking:

If search engine crawlers are unable to access your site, there will be drop in your search engine ranking, sometimes search engines will de-index your site permanently from their search results.

Small Business website Owners Should Know Website Downtime

Drop In Search Engine Ranking

Knowing that website downtime is not good for your website, it is sensible that small business website owners sign up with web monitoring services to do the job and take advantage of it.

Advantages of Web Monitoring Services

Web monitoring services alert you about the issues your website is facing. You can take immediate action to resolve the issue before it becomes a serious problem. Let’s see the advantages of website monitoring.

Checks website’s up-time and downtime:

With the help of web monitoring, you can know the status of your website whether it is facing up-time or downtime. Another more important fact is that you can know its performance in each location across the globe.

Customer satisfaction:

Small Business website Owners Should Know Website Downtime

Customer Satisfaction

Web monitoring services gives you reports on the performance of your website, such as web-page loading time, server response time, page element performance, etc. Based on the report you can work on areas that need your attention. This will help you give good user experience. By monitoring your site, you can know the issues on time and take quick measures to resolve them. By doing so, it builds credibility and trust in the minds of customers.

Brand Reputation:

If you are unaware of your website’s downtime for a long period, your site may be de-indexed from search results by search engines. But if you are aware about the downtime, you will be able to retain your customers and brand reputation.

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Minimizing website downtime is important for small business website owners, as it not only keeps the customers happy and loyal, but it keeps the brand name alive. So, investing in site monitoring (usually it is not very expensive) is a good Investment.

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