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Let’s Discover The Key Benefits Of Cloud-based TMS

Want to create a global experience for your worldwide customers? Translation and localization are a must. You will need them to expand your business across the globe and generate new revenue streams.

For example, you might be producing blog posts to engage and inform your target audience. Or you might be developing products along with their package materials, user manuals, and instructions. Whatever you do, you’ll have to translate it for your international customers.

Benefits Of Cloud-based TMS

But things get tricky especially when it comes to managing the content targeted at a foreign audience. When this is the case, you should invest in a cloud based translation management system to better manage and organize your localization activities.

Employing a cloud based translation management strategy is a wise decision you can make. Here are the 5 best benefits you would achieve when you start using cloud translation software.

You save a lot of time

One of the best things about cloud-based translation management systems (or cloud TMS) is that they help you save a lot of time. How? Through automated workflows. These workflows allow smooth and quick movement of the content without waiting for any human involvement.

You just create content in your mother tongue and TMS takes care of everything else. It can automatically extract content ready for the creative work of professional translation and send it to human translators. What’s more, your TMS can deploy the content back to its place upon completion of the projects.

Thus, you don’t have to run after translators and ask them to fix errors. Similarly, you get rid of manually posting your localized content. Just imagine how much time and capacity you will free up especially when working at scale.

If you’re a translator, you can also become more productive using a cloud TMS. Your previous translation will be available in the translation memory for instant use in future projects. The more content you translate, the bigger your translation memory database gets, and the quicker you as a translator perform your job. Moreover, your chances to become a trusted and well reputed translation service provider platform also increase. This is due to the extensive experience and efficient results you can showcase in your profile.

You save plenty of dollars

With a cloud based localization management platform, you don’t just save time but also money. By obtaining a complete overview of the translation projects, your localization manager can decide how to carry out each job more effectively.

Understand this using the following example. For instance, your localization managers can use the cloud TMS to find out lower-priority content that can be completed by machine translation. Since you didn’t consider human translation, it will save you cash in terms of labor costs.

Meanwhile, you should leverage professional translators for the translation of higher-priority content. Heading over to the LSPs platform or translation service providers’ platform shall help you easily find those professional experts.

The translation process becomes transparent

The translation is incredibly difficult and opaque without using a cloud TMS. It gets extremely laborious and often frustrating to put separate elements together. Additionally, it seems impossible to maintain a consistent brand voice in all your localization efforts.

You will find project managers and localization experts spending a great amount of time on simple tasks such as organizing spreadsheets, juggling emails, reformatting translations, uploading content, and other tedious jobs.

However, when you employ cloud based translation management software, everything becomes more unified and transparent. It serves as a single source of truth for any and all translation projects.

You get a birds-eye view of each project’s status down to the smallest details. Whether it’s an old piece of content or a new assignment, you will be able to know where they are at any given time.

Translation quality gets better

Most translation management systems equip you with advanced tools to improve the overall quality of your translations. For instance, MarsHub is a cloud TMS that enhances translation quality by 30%. Embedded with the MarsCAT tool, it makes the translation process faster and easier. Apart from this, the software allows you to manage different glossaries and style guidelines for various projects, all in the same place.

Your team enjoys global mobility

Last but not least, a cloud-based platform allows you to cherish globalized freedom. Since it’s cloud-based, it enables you and your team to carry out their jobs from anywhere around the world.

This globalized mobility or freedom is what matters most in the translation industry. Translators, without a doubt, are at the center of every successful localization project. And a cloud TMS empowers them to render their work from any corner of the world.

It means you can tap into the expertise of native speakers and linguistic professionals from virtually any part of the globe.

Concluding remarks

If you want to achieve worldwide success, you must create and distribute localized brand content to resonate with different foreign markets. This calls for taking assistance from the right tools, such as cloud-based TMS, in order to do everything in the right manner. By employing this TMS tool, you’ll experience a boost in your localization efforts as discussed in the sections above.

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