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Access Files on Your PC or Mac from iPhone – younity Review

The advancements in technology have made everything commodious for us to a great extent for accessing everything anytime and anywhere. So, we have an amazing app available in the market, specifically for iOS users, younity App. This app significantly helps the users in downloading, streaming as well as sharing any files at anytime from anywhere.

Access Files on Your PC/Mac from iPhone | younity Review

Access Files on Your PC or Mac from iPhone

Access Files on Your PC or Mac from iPhone

If younity App is installed on the iOS device, it helps the users in accessing all the files on your Mac or PC right from your iPhone device. Moreover, it even allows the users for watching videos and movies as well as streaming music and playlists.

With younity App, users can easily link their iOS device to Mac or PC and can stream music to car radios and to the Bluetooth speakers. Also, younity helps in posting the photos saved on the PC directly on Instagram with one-click. It even allows to post pictures directly to Weibo, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Path.

younity App helps in accessing the folders and collections saved in the Adobe Light room catalogue. This app has been specifically designed to make sharing as well as streaming easy for the people.

Younity Review

younity Review

Features- Why to choose younity?

  • Viewing the data stored on Mac or PC anytime and from anywhere.
  • Allows to post photos and videos on social networking profiles directly.
  • Sharing specific photos or full albums with low-resolution copies with friends.
  • Merges the accounts with the iTunes libraries for easy access.
  • Helps in accessing Google Drive as well as One Drive and Dropbox accounts at one place.
  • The files can be sent in SMS or Email to anyone.
  • No storage space restrains and it is free.

Please Note: Remember that all the files which are shared expires within 7 days.

With this app, your iPhone can be easily turned into a personal cloud from where you can easily download, access, share and stream files anytime and from anywhere. This app has been developed by Entangled Media and has been referred as “a glue” between the devices for communicating with mobile as well as with the computer.

This app has been known by its Best Mobile Technology name after its launch because it is more convenient as well as easier to use than Dropbox.


Living in a portable world, it is necessary to carry all important documents daily with us and when we have our smartphones, then there is no need to carry those heavy files in our bags. Because we have younity App which helps the users in accessing all the files saved on Mac or PC directly from their iPhone. It even allows sharing the files privately with few people.

We can say that it is a personal cloud which can be easily used without having any prior knowledge. It does stores all the details in a perfectly organized manner online. It is free to download for all the iOS users. Overall, it is an amazing and an easy to use app for managing all the data stored on PC or Mac right from your iPhone. 😀 😀

Originally posted 2015-11-10 14:54:59.

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  • Very informative nice article,it would be very helpful even for backup files.

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  • @Harshil Barot

    On the off chance that younity App is introduced on the iOS gadget, it helps the clients in getting to every one of the documents on your Mac or PC right from your iPhone gadget. Additionally, it even permits the clients for watching recordings and motion pictures and gushing music and playlists.