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13 Things Everyone Should Know Before Building Their Mobile App

There are over 4 billion mobile phones in use around the world today and this number is expected to rise to 5 billion in the next 3 years. Because most of them are smartphones capable of running many applications, there is now a huge market for mobile apps.

For instance, the total number of apps available on the Google Play store and Apple App store is now in excess of 3 million. As a result, mobile app developers are rushing to meet this demand by investing heavily in website and app development.

Things You Should Know Before Creating Mobile Apps

Building Your Mobile App

What points should they consider as they go about making that perfect app? After all, quality should not be compromised just to meet demand. Here, therefore, are 11 tips that can be of assistance.

1. An App’s Purpose Should Be Well Defined

Before an app is developed, its purpose must be well articulated. It must seek to achieve a specific goal as well as offer something different to what is on the developer’s website. There should be no room for vagueness as this can result in failure and loss of money.

2. Market Research Should Always Be Done First

A thorough analysis of the market should always be conducted before an app is developed. This crucial task provides valuable insights into preferences of potential customers. Research into the competitors’ strategies should also be conducted so as to build on their successes while avoiding their mistakes.

3. An App Should Do Something Different

dare to be different

In order to stand out from the millions of apps available on the market today, any new product must do something new, engaging and interesting. Fail to do so and it will just be another boring app that will be discarded quickly.

4. Apps Should Never Be Slow

There is nothing more irritating to an end user than an app that takes forever to load or perform its required tasks. According to experts, this is a deal breaker as users assume that it has malfunctioned. To overcome this hurdle, animations and loading indicators should be used to reassure them that all is well.

5. App Pricing Should Be Well Thought Out

Developers should always give careful consideration to an app’s pricing. Under pricing leads to losses while overpricing deters potential consumers. However, this task is never easy because, unlike physical products, the true value of software is always hard to determine. Despite any challenges faced, this critical task must never be overlooked.

6. Focus Should Be On Design and Usability

A well-designed app is easy to navigate and can be used without any assistance. It is also pleasing to the eye and is appropriately sized for each device. In addition, it performs its intended function intuitively and is therefore a success.

7. Some Apps Should Include a Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Any app which collects personal information from its users should always include a privacy policy which discloses what is collected. It must also detail how this information is going to be used. Developers who fail to do so risk costly lawsuits for invasion of privacy.

8. The Target Audience Should Be Defined

A developer must first figure out who the app’s recipients are going to be. He must also focus on how these users will benefit from it. This is the only way to meet their expectations. An app that is developed for the right audience is bound to be popular and hence profitable.

9. An App Should Master a Single Platform

It is advisable to first test the waters by making an app for a specific platform. After overcoming teething problems and mastering one platform, an app can then be launched on multiple platforms.

10. Marketing Strategy is Key

Marketing Strategy is a Key

No new app should be launched into the market without being adequately marketed beforehand. A buzz about it should have been created a few weeks or months before its release date.

11. Apps Should Be Thoroughly Tested Before Release

Thorough testing is an integral part of the website and app development process. This enables the developer to improve on any shortcomings which are discovered during the tests. Only then is the app ready for release into the market.

12. An App Should Have a Fitting Description

How an app’s purpose is described in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store can determine whether a new user will be interested in it or not. This description should be therefore catchy and engaging.

13. The App’s Development Budget Should Be Known Beforehand

A developer should always ensure that website and app development remains within a predetermined budget.


The demand for mobile apps will only increase in the future. To make the most of this opportunity, a lot of time and money should be put into website and app development. Tips like the ones listed above should also be taken into consideration. 🙂

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