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Latest iOS Mobile App Development Trends

Since its development, Apple has not slowed down on innovation. The company introduces changes in the mobile app industry every year during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). 2019 ushered in new trends as well with the iOS 13.

iOS Mobile App Development Trends

Businesses need to adopt the latest developments to stay competitive. To keep up with app development trends, you should consider hiring iPhone App Development Services for your business. A competent iPhone App development company will not only create next-gen apps for you, but also determine which trends will benefit your business best.

When searching for a suitable app developer, you should consider their past work and ask for references. Moreover, do not go with cheap options to try and save money at the expense of receiving quality service.

Below are five top trends in app development you should look out for as the year ends, and beyond.

1] Artificial intelligence

We are in the era of AI-enabled apps which can reason like humans and perform specific tasks such as voice recognition.The latest SiriKit enables you to run iPhone apps using Siri voice. The SiriKit promotes hands-free usage. Its shortcuts suggest actions you would like to perform, and you can also create shortcuts using the shortcut app.

2] Augmented reality and Virtual reality (AR/VR)

The iPhone development kit comes with multiple templates which make it possible for app developers to insert AR elements into the app. Developers can use the kit to create simulations and multiplayer games which were not there earlier.

Virtual reality

VR apps are getting more downloads as business incorporate not only games and entertainment but also real-world experiences. Brand names such as IKEA and Sephora have increased conversation rates by using AR apps.

3] The Swift programming language

The Swift programming language is one of the top languages from Apple, and it continues to grow.It is not only simple but also scalable and secure; hence, many apps are written in the language. Swift 5 is the latest version of the language, and it has giving developers huge opportunities to develop successful apps.

4] Internet of Things (IoT)

The highly secure ecosystem, HomeKit, from Apple, enables users to communicate with connected home accessories. Users can, therefore, create actions to manage, control and configure devices using Siri.

Investment in IoT is on the rise, as the technology has something for everyone. IoT technology is rendering everything smart, from home appliances to vehicles.

5] Security

Security should be a major consideration for app development. The use of an Authentication Service Framework, which integrates password manager apps with Password Autofill, can help users maintain a safe working environment.


Companies who want to capture a significant share of the market should invest in a credible app solution. An excellent iOS app will give your customers the ultimate experience, increase your chances of reaching a tech-savvy audience, make you more visible internationally, and give you a higher return on investment. Remember, do not go for app developers whose prices seem too good to be true, because they probably are.

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