10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive

Leading a team, whether it’s of 10 members or 100, is never a cakewalk. No matter how hard-working your team is, some days are simply sluggishly hard and unproductive than others. However, if handled smartly, you can easily turn their mood around and help them jump back and sail on the boat of productivity.

Make Your Team More Productive

Check out these 10 tips for effective productivity management at your workplace.

1] Re-Prioritising

With long to-do lists and a lot of pending work, your team members might find themselves at the end of their rope. This might result in their inability to concentrate on the work.

Re-prioritising the work can take the load off their mind and aid them in picking up the pace with their work. Constantly discuss the foremost priorities of the team and guide them in focusing their energy in the right places.

2] Breaking Down the Projects

Assigning a large project, with a month’s deadline, might overwhelm your team members. Thus, it will be better to evaluate the project properly and break it down into smaller parts, to be handled one at a time.

This will keep your team motivated and will make completing and monitoring the project as easy as one-two-three.

3] Appreciation for a Well-Done Job

Make it your top priority to appreciate your team members’ efforts or a job done well. It will boost their motivation, foster loyalty and will also increase productivity.

According to a study conducted by Mindflash, full and honest appreciation for the work done is the best incentive for most of the employees. So, go out of your way to constantly show your team that you value the work they do for you.

4] Constructive and Meaningful Feedback

Giving the right positive message at the right time can yield better productivity results and also be great for each member’s personal growth.

A feedback will act as guidance for your team members to enable them to learn and improve the quality of their work. It will also enhance your interpersonal relationship with them by developing a culture of trust.

5] Help Them to Learn and Improve

It is better to help your team members when they’re feeling stuck than to reprimand them for it. Research and conduct workshops with your team to share tips on changing one’s mindset, procrastination, the science of productivity, etc.

6] Embrace the Autonomy

It’s important for you to understand the need of your team members to have freedom while working. Micromanagement often leads to feelings of distrust among the members and de-motivates them resulting in mismanagement at work.

Thus, make sure that you maintain an autonomous work culture and give your team a chance to do the work as per the liking, to get better productivity.

7] Create a Positive Company Culture

Your team might struggle to seek the real worth of their work if subjected to negativity. Make sure that your team members are satisfactorily happy and have to face less workplace stress. A good mood will boost their morale and will surely yield better and faster productivity.

8] Use Visual Motivators

It’s difficult to get satisfactory work results out of a bunch of unmotivated individuals, despite using all the latest tools and technology. So, make sure you remind your team members that you believe in them and that they’re doing a great job.

One interesting way of motivating them is to post visual motivators, like motivational posters and momentous achievements, around the office.

9] Better Work Management Tools

‘You’re only as good as the tools you use’ – this saying highlights the importance of having the right and effective tools at work. Using slow and outdated tools might hinder your team’s productivity.

Thus, it’s your responsibility to search for the right management tools (like Wrike) to facilitate and improve the processes and aid your team in working effectively.

10] A Team That Plays Together Wins Together!

It is necessary to maintain a healthy and enjoyable company culture that supports the building of strong and cohesive teams. Knowing one another makes it comfortably easier for the team members to collaborate and share ideas, and, in turn, yield faster and better outcomes.

An effective way to get to know each other is to plan a fun team outing once every month, or organizing a play day in or outside the office. Seek a way to include everyone and emphasize the opportunity to learn more about one another.

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10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive

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