7 Disastrous Blogging Myths You Need to stay Aware from

7 Disastrous Blogging Myths

The worst is just around you. The Blogging Myths You Need to Know.

You might be thinking you are putting on enough effort, only to see that it doesn’t lead you to any success. But finally you found out that you were following the wrong fundamental!

Blogging Myths

Disastrous, isn’t it?

So it comes down to the wire: Work Smart rather Work Hard. Yes, hard work does pays, but only when you put it down in the right way. Newbie bloggers are surrounded by wave of blogging taboos around them. People tend to try misleading bloggers for their own personal gains.

7 Blogging Myths:

So before one of these taboos reaches your ear, here are 7 lies that you need to aware from!

1. Big Traffic means BIG PROFITS:

No matter how much traffic you get, it all comes down to ways of monetization. Some might get good amount of money from AdSense, while some other from affiliate marketing.

You have to choose your own way. Like, using AdSense in Blogging willn’t fetch you much as in Affiliate marketing.

2. It takes time to build to get good traffic:

Building a popular blog may or may not take time. It depends upon your strategies of bringing traffic to your blog.

A new blog with high-quality articles and good social connectivity will able to get more traffic in less time compared to other new blogs.

3. One needs to blog about his passion only:

If you are trying to make more of a personal blog, then blogging about your passion is no harm. But otherwise, it may harm your traffic.

Wonder Why?

What you might like may not be liked by others, what you are thinking others may not be thinking like you. What you really need to do is be flexible and writing according to your visitor’s need.

Blogging Myths

4. Creating a Self-Hosted Word Press Blog is a MUST!

Indeed, WordPress is one of the best among blogging platforms, but that doesn’t means you have to choose Word Press only. There are tons more blogging platforms out there. You can choose from Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, Type Pad and many others.

It’s all up to you.

5. SEO is necessary for blogging:

SEO is one of the main elements of blogging. It helps you to get to the top of Google search. But its ain’t necessary to learn everything based on SEO to get on with blogging. The only thing you should learn in SEO is how to use a good keyword research tool, as easy as ABCD!

6.  You only need little content:

To really know about blogging, you should learn about the difference between a blog and a website.

A blog is meant to updated regularly while a website is meant to be (most of the time) static. Your niche might be getting updated every day; you need to keep up with that pace.

The more fresh content you offer to your visitors, the more are chances of converting visitors into loyal readers!

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7. Using softwares will help you drive Massive amounts of traffic!

Remember one thing always: There is no such thing called ‘Magic’ in the world of blogging.  To get massive amount of traffic, you have to work hard (and smart).

So, Here We are Discuss Top 7 Blogging Myths You Need to stay Aware from this. If You have Any Doubt you can ask us via comment below. Happy Blogging!!

There’s no shortcut in blogging, all you can achieve is through HARD WORK, so stay away from these taboos and sec.

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