SYPWAI Projects Intelligent Implementation

One of the most promising startups in 2020 is the SYPWAI platform. It continues to develop and improve in 2021.

The platform is used in the artificial intelligence field, allowing it to solve many different tasks. This startup received a huge grant for development, so the platform was created very fast.

SYPWAI - Solve your problem with AI

The main goal of SYPWAI is to solve your problems using AI. Despite the novelty of this project, it has already won the respect and recognition of various corporations and holdings, including quite large ones. SYPWAI users are both ordinary people and huge companies.

SYPWAI features

It is noteworthy that the company employs not only world-famous scientists and highly qualified experts. There are also many ordinary citizens on staff. This confirms the fact that the SYPWAI platform is a project for everyone, regardless of gender, social status, and age.

Absolutely anyone can try his hand at neural network development. You do not need to have any special knowledge or professional skills for this.

All this was done deliberately to pursue the main goal of the company – Solve your problem with AI. In addition, the SYPWAI startup has a mission aimed at providing workplaces for people who want to know more about innovative technologies. The company does everything to ensure that they have the opportunity to earn money and improve their skills.

Ordinary people participate in neural network training, and the training algorithm has two directions – special and general. To take part in general training, it is enough to be right-minded and tell the difference between a giraffe and a heron.

The algorithm is more like a fun and educational game for children. Therefore, it is available to all people. A special neural network-training algorithm requires experts with special knowledge, for example, medicine, engineering, physics, and chemistry.

To take part in special training, employees should pass the selection after completing IQ tests and professional aptitude tasks. The system does not allow any errors; therefore, the process is very serious.

SYPWAI platform made an emphasis not on its expansion, but on the development of organizations that seek help in this project. The platform works for people, helping companies to optimize their business, as well as individual business processes. The goal is one: people should have the opportunity to earn.

SYPWAI Projects

How does SYPWAI work when it receives a request from an organization?

SYPWAI users face many questions every day. Among them are.

  • Service problems.
  • Customer loyalty increase.
  • Sales increase.
  • Working process optimization and so on.

All this is available exclusively thanks to employees from different parts of the world, whose tasks include marking up neural networks, as well as supporting the platform as a whole.

When SYPWAI receives a request from a customer, the task is immediately transferred to platform users to their personal accounts. To receive access for solving the problem, you need to successfully pass an IQ test, which will confirm competence in the topic.

After that, the user begins the problem-solving process. The SYPWAI platform automatically collects all the answers and makes up the correct ones, relying on a greater number of identical answers. Those users who answered correctly receive the payment. As a result, the platform makes it possible to earn money by giving correct answers.

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