Top Green Card Application Mistakes To Avoid

It’s an undeniable fact that people die to get a green card and become a US national because in the US there are more opportunities, better living standards, and an overall better lifestyle.

Especially if someone has a close relative or a spouse etc, living in the US then yes, it becomes an important need for him/her to get a green card so that they can stay with the other person.

Green Card Application Mistakes To Avoid

However, we all know the fact that getting a green card isn’t as easy as it seems to be and there’s a lot of struggle you need to make to become a US national.

Now, yes, the internet is full of information about how to become a US national. You can easily type on Google, let’s say “How to apply for a green card by marriage to a U.S. Citizen” and you will have several results and links pop up right on your screen but that won’t be enough to get you a green card and the wiser thing to do is to learn how to fill a green card application to get it approved.

Every year more than a million people apply for a green card and most of them are rejected mainly because their applications aren’t up to the mark and they make some common mistakes.

Now, this is exactly why we are here today. Today we are going to jot down some of the most common green card application mistakes that people make. So, make sure to take notes of what we are about to tell you if you really want your application to get accepted.

1- Missing forms in the application

There are more than 12 forms that you have to submit to the government to become a US national. Yes, you read it right and each form comes with different requirements which means that if you even miss out one requirement, you might get in some serious trouble and your application might get rejected.

Not completing your forms and not submitting what’s required can bring you a potential loss of $500 and you will also end up wasting 6 to 8 months struggling with the green card process.

Now, the wiser thing to do is to submit all the forms to the US government at the same time, this process is known as concurrent filing which is a better option as it can save you a lot of time and money too.

2- Forgetting to sign your forms

There are 12 forms and each form will have different places where your signature will be required. Now,  even if you miss one single place and forget to sign a form, your process will automatically slow down and it might even lead to the rejection of your application. Yes, you read it right!

You are supposed to give no reason to the US government to reject your application so yes, be very careful and sign your forms properly.

3- Accidentally putting in wrong information

If you get your background history wrong or if you accidentally insert any wrong information then there are chances that your form will get rejected because the US government digs deep when it comes to giving someone a green card.

Accidentally putting in wrong information

Your location, your name, your dates, your criminal records, you need to jot down everything that you can and be very accurate about it because believe it or not, this can cost you a lot if you enter the wrong information.


These are some of the mistakes you should be avoiding when filling out your applications for a green card. So, make sure to avoid these mistakes and be patient if you really want to hear some good news.

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