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What is Web Hosting? – Beginner’s Guide

Internet is on its heights these days. Years ago no one ever thought that this tiny service will have such an impact on our lives. Everyone uses internet, whether it be a 10 year old kid who goes to school or a 55 year old person, we can see internet everywhere. With such a reach and penetration, internet has now become the fastest emerging markets, it is just like a gold mine all you need to do is to get in it and you will have tons of gold.

Beginner’s Guide – Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Getting yourself on the internet is an arduous job, you need a domain, you need a website and then you need web hosting that will host your website. Almost everyone is able to understand what is a domain name, but there are a lot of people who still don’t have a proper idea about web hosting. Let’s just face it, not everyone is a tech geek and not everyone knows about each and everything related to technology. And that’s the reason we are writing this up for you! In this article we will guide you through every term related to web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Before we try to understand what is web hosting, we need to understand how does internet work. In lay man’s language, internet is a collection of computers that are connected with each other and share files, these files are usually media content and webpages. The computer that stores these webpages is known as the host or the server. If you visit any website then your computer actually connects to another computer that stores the files of a particular web page.

Different types of hosting:

Shared Hosting: This is the most common form of hosting. In shared hosting, your site’s data is stored on a server that contains data of several other sites as well. It is great for those who are just starting with the internet.

VPS Hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. VPS hosting allows you to virtually access the computer where you site is stored, this means that you can install specific packages or services manually that wouldn’t have been possible if you were a shared hosting user.

Dedicated Servers: Dedicated servers are the biggest among all. In dedicated servers, as the name suggests you get a whole server to use for yourself. There are no sites except for yours, allowing the server to handle huge traffic easily. It is strongly suggested for big firms that notice a good amount of traffic on their site and want to provide their users a seamless connection.

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What is CDN?

By now you might have understood what is hosting and the different types of hosting. But there is a crucial thing that is known as CDN. CDN is the abbreviated form of Content Delivery Network. CDN is a service that allows your website and all the media content to load faster than usual providing a rich user experience.

But how does CDN works? It is pretty simple, a CDN service stores your website in compressed form on all of their servers that are scattered across the globe in different locations. Whenever a user opens the site, CDN automatically detects its location and serves the website from the nearest server. The time in this process is totally negligible as everything takes place in fraction of a second. This whole process allows the user to access files a lot faster than normal.

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