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Best 10 Tips to Make your Computer Faster

Tips to Make your Computer Faster

Computers have become part and parcel of our lives. Overtime, a person may notice a slowdown in performance. Opening, downloading, or uploading files and documents may take longer than usual. There are several ways of boosting the performance of the computer. These are as follows:

1. Scan the computer for spyware and virus:

Viruses, worms, and spy ware are major contributors to a computer gradually slowing down. Although you may have installed an anti-virus, it is always recommended to carry out checks to make sure it is still effective. Always go for the best anti-virus and avoid using more than one anti-virus as this may cause system conflict.

Tips to Make your Computer Faster

2. Use a faster Processor:

The central processing unit (CPU) is one of the main determinants of how fast applications and programs will operate. The faster the processor speed the better the system. In the modern world CPU’s are coming with speeds of more than3.0 GHz as standard. A quad or duo core processor is more effective than a single core processor.

3. Increase Random Access Memory (RAM):

RAM is usually the first contact point between the hardware and software. The more RAM available the faster the computer will run. RAM and CPU speeds needs to be balanced. Too much RAM that surpasses the processor speed will have little or no additional benefit.

4. Defragment the Hard disk:

Overtime, the data stored in the hard disk becomes broken down and scattered in the hard disk space. This makes the computer programs work harder in trying to find data or information. Defragmenting basically consolidates and arranges the data hence making access and searching the information faster.

5. Disk Cleanup:

The registry stores information about the hardware and software is the OS. Installing and uninstalling programs always leaves gaps, installs invalid entries, and also corrupts some files. Disk cleanup is used to remove any unnecessary files and also repair the registry.

Tips to Make your Computer Faster

6. Uninstall unused Programs:

In the course of using the computer, some programs get installed automatically especially online. You may also have done so sometime back but you no longer need the programs. Removing the programs frees up the space consequently improving the speed.

7. Partition the Hard Disk:

Divide the hard disk into a number of partitions so as to have a dedicated partition for certain programs. It is also easier for the system to access information without having to go through the whole partition.

 8. Use a Faster Hard Drive:

A faster hard drive ensures that data is easily located within a short time. If possible, always go for drives that have at least 7200rpm and use 64-bit instead of the common 32-bit.

9. Backup Data Externally:

Data that is not regularly used needs to be stored in an external media. This creates more free space and little data for the OS to filter through when searching for files or documents.

10. Minimize the graphics:

Graphics take up a lot of space and also require higher speeds which always put a lot of pressure on RAM as well as CPU. Only use the minimal required graphics so as to divert the resources to other meaningful work instead of colourful visual displays.

Computers generally run many applications in the home, office, as well as the outdoors. People use the computer to watch television or cable TV especially when working. Having a computer working at its optimum ensures that you will only use the sky contact phone number to deal with a technical problem and not a fault caused by a slow computer.

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  • It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people about
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  • Hello Harshil,
    It’s quite good but you said we use faster harddisk but you know guys we don’t think so about computer before buy. Because we don’t know properly about computer before buy. That’s why this point is not good. But Other wise other 1, 4, 5, 6 point is very good. Any way you have done good job. Thank you.

  • I hope points 2, 3, & 4 is not a perfect solution. What if a person don’t have enough money to opt for those, but he actually needs to boost his system..