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7 WordPress Plugins for Image Slider That You Must Know!

WordPress Plugins for Image Slider

Image sliders are best for the websites as they are cool, interactive and save valuable space. At the same time, they make your website more appealing due to their graphic values and usability. Web developers use image sliders to highlight products or graphic elements in a website. Image sliders catch the attention of visitors and therefore maximize engagement on a website. WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that offers plugins to integrate image sliders on a website.

WordPress Plugins For Image Slider

WordPress image slider plugins offer a simple and user-friendly interface for the users to use slideshows in their websites. With these tools, bloggers can give a more customized look to their website and attract maximum audience to their website.

This article will take a look into the popular WordPress image slider plugins that you can use to enhance visual engagement of the visitors:

1. NextGen Image:

NextGen Image is among the most widely-used WordPress plugin and perhaps the most popular when it comes to integrating image sliders. This tool empowers the users to upload, edit and compile images for slideshows and thumbnails. The plugin has options to adjust the style, effects, size and timing of the image slider.

2. kPicasa Gallery:

Do you need to publish your Picasa image gallery on your web page or post? Use kPicasa Gallery to ease the task! This plugin allows the users to publish their most favorite images from Picasa album in their image slider. The good thing is that kPicasa Gallery uses the Picasa web server to store all the images and, thus, save valuable space of your website.

3. Grand Flaggery:

Grand Flaggery is a popular WordPress plugin that enables the users to add and manage image sliders on their website. Grand Flaggery is a multifaceted tool that allows the users to add images using a user-friendly interface. The tool is particularly beneficial for the users who want to showcase their products through slideshows and video playlists. The plugin is also compatible with the mobile devices.

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4. Dynamic Content Gallery (DCG):

Dynamic Content Gallery is an automated tool that uses the most recent and featured images of your page, post or category and use it in the image slider. The plugin provides an uncomplicated settings panel that user can use to set the style and look of the slider. The tool provides four different options for populating the images.

5. Easy WordPress Parallax Slider:

Easy WordPress Parallax Slider is yet another amazing plugin to create appealing image slider. Lazyest Gallery uses your directory and gallery to create image slider. With Easy wordpress parallax, you can create multiple sliders and add description or caption to each slider individually. The slider has short-codes that empower you to integrate the slider in your every post.

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6. Smart Slider 2:

Smart Slider 2 is yet another cool plugin for image sliders. This plugin is particularly useful for online businesses that cater to the mobile users. Smart Slider 2 provides an easy and convenient panel to change settings of the layout of your slider. You can get this Smart Slider 2 in both paid and free versions.

7. Simple Responsive Slider:

Simple Responsive Slider is another popular plugin for mobile users. This WordPress tool enables the users to use their gallery images in their sliders. The plugin allows the users to integrate images, captions, descriptions and links. Due to its lightweight codes, the plugin facilitates faster browsing of the website.

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