How Tough Is It to Crack NMAT? Check Tips to Clear NMAT

NMAT is quantitative rather than qualitative exam. Aspirants need to pull up their socks as NMAT 2017 Exam will be held in October, 2017 and they don’t have much time for it. The admission procedure of  NMAT involves three stages, all of which need to be cleared.

How to Prepare for NMAT Exams 2017

NMAT Exams Preparation Guide

Aspirants who are appearing for NMAT 2017 and want to crack it in the first attempt, need to know about how to prepare for NMAT 2017.

NMAT Exam is conducted by GMAC in order to offer the admissions to the candidates in the management courses. This exam is conducted every year and the candidate can only make three attempts for this examination. The best of that three will be considered. NMAT 2017 exam will start from October 5, 2017 to December 18, 2017 and the results will be announced in January, 2018.

How to crack NMAT in the first attempt?

What is the most difficult thing about cracking NMAT exam? The time! So,all the NMAT aspirants arerecommended to practice with a stop watch because it is a speed test.

To clear the NMAT exam, aspirants should keep the following points in mind which will help them to score well-

  • Aspirants need to be really quick with your calculations. They must try to practice basic mental calculation techniques regularly. Candidates should remember that unlike CAT, there is no calculator provided for NMAT exam. Also, there will be some calculation-intensive questions related to QuantDI/DS.
  • Aspirants should cover the entire syllabus as soon as possible, and be thorough with the basic concepts, formulas, etc.
  • Work upon the vocabulary and grammar nicely, as direct questions are always asked. Go through the newspapers(specially the editorial columns) and read books like Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis.
  • Practice as many questions of Quant, DI, Reasoning as possible.
  • Once you have finished the entire syllabus, start giving the mocks. Always note time for these mocks, so that you know how much time is taken to solve the various questions.
  • While giving the mocks, always attempt the easy questions first,followed by the medium/tough ones. This will help saving a lot of time. This will also boost the confidence to give the exam.CL has mocks for NMAT which are good. They have also started online tests (NMAT is by GMAC now), which the aspirants can give. There is a NMAT guide book as well with questions.
  • There is a liberty in NMAT exam that you can choose the order of sections. So, you must start with the section you feel most comfortable with.Manage the order. You can choose which order you want the questions to come. If you do Quant & DI/LR first, you may feel dizzy at the time of attempting Verbal questions. So, you can choose Verbal first, followed by DI&LR and then Quant.

How to Prepare for NAMT Exams

  • While writing the exam, you need to be a good decision maker. The questions you have no clue about, guess and move on to next. But you are doing that a lot then you haven’t prepared.
  • The timer runs and if it runs out you will be taken to the next section immediately. So, 5 mins before if you have lot of questions which you have not attended yet, then mark them all first. You can do B/C/A/D what you want – it would just click if it’s your day. But make sure you don’t leave any question.
  • There are sectional cutoffs. So, if you score really well in 2 and screw up in 1 section also, sorry you are not getting a call. So, you must make sure that you don’t ignore any section.The cutoffs are usually 50% in each section and you got to make that. However, that is not enough. You have to maximize your score in the section you are strongest at. So, pick your section and blaze it by scoring the maximum marks in it.
  • As we know that NMAT gives 3 attempts. Last year the exam dates started from October. So, it is suggested to give it in the first 3/4 days because in case you screw up then you would have the chance to give the exam again. Most people book a date later and then they screw up and don’t get any available slots. Most people end up getting a more or less same score in multiple attempts. It’s because they keep on hoping that luck would take them through.

All the best! 🙂


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