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Top 5 Android Root Apps

Top 5 Android root Apps

Everybody Loves Android Rooting and Why not Android Rooting Supercharge your Android Phone. Android Root Apps Superpowers to your phone. There are plenty of reasons to root your Android device. You can  install custom ROMs, remove bloatware, overclock your processor, and otherwise tweak your device to make it do exactly what it should, and no more. Once you root your phone, you have complete control of your device. There are plenty of Android apps that help you exercise this control and here we take a look at the 5 best apps for rooted android phones.

Android Root Apps

Rooting is always a great thing for android who knew how to do it and how to utilize it. Basically there are many applications present in the web, which may harm your phone if you install them and don’t know how to use them. These apps do not cater to any one particular feature or functionality of the Android operating system.

Top 5 Android Root Apps

1) Greenify:-

Greenify Android Root Apps

Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in an unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground, similar to iOS apps!

Never should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. With Greenify, your device can run almost as smoothly and lastingly as it did the first day you had it!

Download Greenify

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2) Titanium Backup :-

Titanium Backup Android Root Apps

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android. You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card.

Download Titanium Backup

3) Fast Charge :-

Android Fast Charge Apps Root

We already know that Android Consumes a Large amount of Battery. This App Help to users increase the Battery Power.

Features :- 

  • User supported database of fast charge kernels, please submit your kernels to help others.
  • View battery status.
  • View amount of time spent charging, discharging, on ac, on usb.
  • View and change CPU settings (premium to change).
  • View time spent in each cpu speed.

Download Fast Charge

4) ROM Toolbox Pro :-

ROM Toolbox Pro Android Root App

ROM Toolbox combines all the great root apps into one monster app with a beautiful and easy to use interface. ROM Toolbox has every tool you need to make your Android device fast and customized to your liking. Save 85% by getting ROM Toolbox instead of spending $30 or more on other apps. ROM Toolbox is THE MUST HAVE APP for every root user.

Download Rom Toolbox Pro

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5) JuiceDefender Ultimate :-

JuiceDefender Ultimate Android Root App

For battery life just too good to be true, JuiceDefender Ultimate employs a ton of advanced, fully customizable and really effective power saving features. Absolute control for the highest energy efficiency try the ultimate battery saving experience!

JuiceDefender is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Packed with smart functions, it automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi.

Download JuiceDefender Ultimate

So,There are Lot’s of Android Root Apps are available in a Android Market. Here I Show the Some useful Android Root Apps for your Android Phone. Enjoy Friends.!

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  • Hi Harshil,

    I am aware of these apps but honestly speaking I’ve never tried any of them…..My Android has enough internal storage and I never felt any urgency of rooting the device 😛 . However, I may check them out in near future…so thanks a lot for sharing it with us….

  • hello harshil bro

    gud article now a day android rooting apps is running on the thanks for sharing this wonderful information..
    keep shring 🙂

  • I find titanium backup very useful, sometime ago it saved my phone when i tried updating it and became so slow, had it not being for titanium backup i wouldn’t have been able to the stock rom.

  • I have my own Note 2 and using it from past 2 months but still I was unaware with these apps 😛

    Really need to test them now 😀

    Thanks Harshil bro for sharing the list.

  • Hi Harshil,

    Great list. I’ve been thinking of rooting. But the fear of getting bricked held me back.

    With this awesome set of apps, I have variety to choose from.

    I appreciate that you put in efforts to build a useful list for Android users 🙂


  • Even though am using an Android phone am unaware of these apps, will check these now.

    Thanks for the sharing this useful app list Harshil 🙂

  • Nice list Harshil. Always wanted to install these apps especially Titanium backup. But the problem is the rooting process. And also Du battery saver is also as good as Juice defender. Anyway thanks for the info bro.

  • Hi Harshil,

    Well, I’ve stopped using Android for now but I’m planning to get a new one in a month or so. I’ve tried most of these apps on my Galaxy Tab which I sold in June this year.

    Titanium Backup is one of my favorite app which keeps my files safe. It helps me in saving the game and apps data.

    Thanks for the list though. 🙂

  • Hi Harshil Barot Bro
    Nice list of root Apps.i love is one of the best app in android play to root our android phone thanks for sharing this wounder full list
    keep sharing
    wish u success

  • Hi Kuldip,

    I liked the concept of Greenify and planning to install it on my new Xperica C. Because it is just 2 days old, it is quite fine till now, but I’m sure it will grow sluggish as I go on installing more applications. Hope this is free application?

  • Nice list Harshil,
    Titanium backup is really a great app, I am using it on my canvas lite.
    Thanks for sharing this list of root apps.

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