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Introducing the Simplest Inventory App for Your Business

In today’s digitally driven society, almost everybody is using various apps and software to make life simpler and easier – even organizing business assets. We all know that manually tracking your business assets is a tedious activity. However, it is also essential in every business of any industry to keep track of assets especially inventory.

Simplest Inventory App for Your Business


Inventory tracking is part of a company’s internal control that monitors and accounts every equipment, materials and business products. Now, just imagine how cool would it be to have an inventory app – a simple and friendly tool that keeps track all your business inventory.

There is one remarkable inventory app that caught the majority’s attention because of its features – it is called Sortly. Best for start-up business who wants an intuitive inventory management system, low maintenance and easy to use.

What is Sortly?

Sortly is a cloud-based free inventory app that allows business owners to easily track their inventory. It is a visual asset tracking system which enables you to add multiple photos of each inventory item across multiple locations.

The application also allows you to add the important item details such as item name, item description, item code, quantity, price and many more. This free inventory app is really amazing but if you want, there is a paid version to enjoy even more features.

Free Version – the free account includes the following features.

  • Users are able to access the app via either desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Keep track of up to 100 inventory items.
  • Add one (1) custom field.
  • Scan barcodes and QR labels.
  • Add custom tags and notes.

Paid Version – the premium account includes the following features.

  • All features in the free account.
  • Give team members or customers access.
  • Schedule auto alerts and reminders.
  • No inventory item limit.
  • Add custom fields.
  • Check in/out (In-build scanner).
  • Add your logo and preferred color theme.
  • Manage user’s permission.
  • Bulk import to CSV file.
  • Export report to CSV or PDF.
  • Track user activity.
  • Add multiple currencies.
  • Integrate with another applications via API.
  • Backup up to 180 days.

How Does it Work?

Sortly inventory app is like a visual filing cabinet that enables you to show and monitor what stuff you own in just a couple of clicks. It is so simple yet very effective way of keeping your stuff organized.

You simply need to set up folders within the app either by item, category, etc. depending on your preference. Below are the simple steps to get you started with this inventory app.

  1. Set-up a folder – the first thing to do is to create a folder within the app for each item and name the folder according to the item type for easy reference.
  2. Upload a photo – then take photos of the items you want to monitor and upload them to the designated folder set up within the app. Note that you can add multiple photos per item.
  3. Add the details– label your items by putting appropriate descriptions, the value of the items, warranties, quantities, date of purchase, notes and more.
  4. Save and Sync– make sure to save and sync your data across devices like mobile, tablet and personal computer so you can manage your inventory whatever device you are using.
  5. Back-up – you can also export your inventory data to CSV or PDF file for backup and reporting purposes.

Sortly is not only use for organizing business inventory but also personal assets at home. Here’s how.

1] Home Inventory

  • Set-up a home inventory – Create a folder for each area of your house such as bed room, dining room, living room, garage, loft and basement. Take photos of each of the items within the designated area then upload to the specific folders created within the inventory app. This is very helpful if anything worst happens like fire or flood – it is easy to account everything for insurance claim purposes. Also, you will be able to easily check what items are in the loft or basement without having actually going into the place.
  • Create tags for cupboards or boxes and the like– This tip is actually helpful especially for those who want to check what is inside the box without actually opening it.
  • Create collections – You can also create folders and keep track of your jewelries and other collections like watches and books.
  • Keep track of your clothes – Take photos of the clothes you already have and upload them in the app. Every time you go shopping, you can easily see if you have anything similar or what shoes to buy to perfectly match with it.

2] Business Inventory

Business Inventory

  • If you are managing a business, this is inventory app is a perfect tool manage and keep track of your stocks or supplies across multiple locations.
  • Keep log of the items you have for your business such as computers, tables, chairs, telephones and others. Monitoring your business assets is also helpful for insurance purposes in case of calamities. Make sure to include the proof of purchase.

Other Features and Benefits

Sortly app inventory really live up to its expectation. Along with being able to keep track of your inventory, there are more useful features that you can take advantage of.

  • The inventory app allows you to track every item you lend to someone. You can even add alert to ask for it back.
  • You can add arrows to photos uploaded in the app. In this way, you can easily see where something has been kept. For example, take a photo of your room then put an arrow to show which drawer the item is placed.
  • The app allows you to add notes, tags or even add a custom field – what an effective way to find your items and distinguish them from other stuff.
  • You can share it with another user. The paid version of this inventory app can register multiple accounts. Meaning, more than one (1) person can have access to your business inventory or personal assets. The Sortly PRO base plan includes three user accounts and you need to pay $3 per month for an extra user.
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