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What Can You Expect from a Pay Per Click Agency?

Pay Per Click (PPC) management is a vital marketing tool that will help your website get noticed. While it is something that you can do yourself, it does require considerable skill and knowledge about the internet. As such, most businesses look for a PPC management company to help them complete this element of their overall marketing campaign. But what does such a company actually do for you? Essentially, they will identity keywords that are important to your business and use this to make sure your target audience is reached, turning them into potential customers.

Expectations from Pay Per Click Agency

How PPC Management Companies Work

Essentially, your business logo will be placed on various high traffic sites, with a link back to your actual website.

Every time someone clicks on this, you will have to pay your host. Hence, the logo should be placed somewhere with high traffic, because this will mean more people see it. At the same time, it means it will cost you more, so you have to make sure that the people who click on it are likely to have an interest in what you sell.

A PPC management company will make sure that your link is placed on a site that is highly ranked, and that is relevant to your product as well. This means that the traffic you get – and the traffic you pay for, therefore – is more likely to actually buy from you as well. This, in turn, leads to your return on investment. If, for instance, your pay per click costs $0.10 per click, and your product has a profit margin of $1, then you would still have $0.90 in profit for each click that actually buys. However, since not ever click will be a purchasing customer, the actual algorithm that works out what your return on investment is, is a whole lot more complex.

A good PPC company will work on all this with you. They may also have supplemental services, such as logo design. This will help to make sure that your advertisement actually stands out. Many times, PPC companies also focus on SEO (search engine optimization) services, so that your site is found not just through PPC but also through organic means.

Usually, email marketing will be an integral part of your PPC campaign. If someone clicks on your link and they don’t buy straight away, but they do leave their email address, you have an opportunity to reach them at a later stage. Email marketing is also very complex, as it is often seen as spam. If you are reported for spam, you will find that your page authority drops through penalties from the search engines. This is why it is vital that any email marketing campaign is properly managed.

Finally, you must make sure that your PPC company only uses so called ‘white hat’ tactics. This means that everything they do follows the rules of the search engines, mainly Google. If they use ‘black hat’ tactics, it is likely that you will get found out and penalized heavily for it. 🙂

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