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8 Website Elements to Make It More Professional In the Blink of an Eye

Customers are likely to click back to the previous page they were on if the website doesn’t look professionally done. Failing to have a professional look can mean missing out on quite a bit of traffic to the website as well as a loss of potential sales.

Website Elements

Instead, when creating a business website, keep the following eight elements in mind. All of these can help make the website look professional, which can help boost the site’s traffic and sales.

1] Make Sure It’s Easy to Navigate

A website must be easy to navigate. If the website isn’t easy to navigate, customers won’t be able to find what they’re looking for. The chances are good they’ll become frustrated and turn to a competitor for what they need. Instead, keep a close eye on the navigation on the website and make sure essential links are on every page.

Essential links include links to the home page, the about page, the contact page, and to any other pages the customer might want to view, like product pages. Visit Decisive Sites now to get help making sure the website is easy to navigate and looks professionally done.

2] Avoid Clutter

Simple websites are better. When there’s too much going on, it can overwhelm visitors, and they may end up leaving. Instead, avoid any clutter on the website and keep the overall design and layout as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean make it boring.

It simply means everything on the page should be there for a reason. If there are a lot of products or product categories, for instance, use a hamburger button to create a menu that can be opened and closed. This hides the links when they aren’t needed so they don’t take up any space but ensures they’re still easily accessible.

The page can be simple and clutter-free without detracting from the ease of use or failing to have what the customer is looking for.

3] Use Large Product Images

Large product images are easier for customers to look at and can help make the overall design look more professional. Larger images have better details and don’t end up looking stretched if they’re viewed on larger devices.

Always make sure the product images used are high quality and can be viewed on any device. Larger images, especially if they’re high quality, are going to help the products sell. They’ll give customers a better idea of what they might be buying and can create trust between the customer and the business.

4] Keep Everything Consistent

When a website isn’t consistent from page to page, customers might wonder if they’ve clicked and visited another site accidentally. Instead, make sure all of the pages have the same layout, same style, and same colors and fonts. This also can help improve branding, which can boost trust in customers.

Pay attention to all of the little details to ensure the entire website is consistent so it looks professionally done and customers can easily find everything they might need on the site without worrying about clicking a link to go to another site.

5] Make Sure It’s Responsive

Customers aren’t just looking for things they need on their computers anymore. They might be shopping on a tablet or a smartphone, so it’s a good idea to ensure the website is responsive.

This allows the website to adjust based on the screen size the customer is using and is done automatically every time someone visits the website. It can also help adjust between landscape or portrait modes, depending on what the customer prefers.

Websites that aren’t responsive do not look professionally done because they’re difficult to view on mobile devices. This could cause customers to leave and look elsewhere for what they need.

6] Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform

The point for many business websites is to sell products or services. Most businesses today will have a way for customers to purchase what they need and check out through the site so it’s easier to convert visitors to customers and sell the products or services.

It’s crucial to ensure a trusted ecommerce platform is chosen for this, whether it’s to schedule services, purchase digital products, or purchase products that need to be shipped. The right ecommerce platform can be integrated into the website, creating a more professional look, and is safe for customers to use.

7] Add High-Quality Content

Content is crucial for today’s websites, so it’s not something that can be skipped. Everything that is on the website should be high quality to project a professional image. This means not only unique and interesting content but content that is well-written as well.

High-Quality Content

It’s important to check everything carefully to avoid errors in any writing that is published on the website, whether it’s a short bio of an employee or a thousand-word article used to help optimize the website and draw in more visitors.

If customers notice spelling mistakes, issues with words being cut off between lines, or any other problems with the content on the website, they’ll think it wasn’t professionally created.

8] Choose the Right Colors and Font

Colors and font can make a huge difference in how the website looks, so they should be chosen carefully. Choose colors that fit with the branding for the business and that will look good together.

Choose a font that’s easy to read and ensure it fits the overall style of the website. It’s best to err on choosing more basic color schemes and fonts when designing a website to ensure they are attractive and professional.

If you want to make sure your website looks professional, use all of the tips here. Most of them are going to be easy to implement and can make a huge difference in how the website looks.

Work with a professional if you aren’t sure the website has the right look or to make sure everything is done properly. Taking time to get a professional look can help increase traffic to the website and boost sales, so it’s not something to skimp on or rush.

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