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Top 5 Web Design Trends In 2024

The world is evolving, and it is so funny how fast things are changing, even in our daily activities. There are many things we could do some years back but will be considered weird if we try it now.

Imagine a man changing all his trousers to skirts to prove he is a Scottish. How weird would that be?

However, it’s not just our fashion styles, technology, and the way we see things are not the same anymore, but it is more intense in the creative world.

Top 5 Web Design Trends

Gone are the days of using manual designs like hand flyers, radios, stickers, etc. for advertising. Almost every business has gone digital, and those who didn’t key into the digital system early are now looking for ways to get in.

Even with the fast-rising acceptance, the industry is far gone from what it used to be. Creativity is now at its peak. Designers and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to be at the pinnacle of their innovations by incorporating user-oriented web designs that will make their visitors and existing customers stay glued to their screens.

With just a few days to 2024, I am delighted to share five revolutionary design trends that are predicted to rule the web design industry in the new year.

Nostalgia / Retro Illustration

Nostalgia designs are so psychological that they arouse emotions and bring back memories. This design can be used to ease stress and help users to relate with drawings in a simple and personalised manner.

Apart from the fact that it can help differentiate the future from the past, Nostalgia and Retro illustration design collections can help the younger generation (Gen-Z) to be more creative by relating to the evolution of colours and art in the digital world.

Top giant companies like Adobe and Pepsi have started embracing this work of art. Pepsi used it when it celebrated its 30th anniversary of Crystal Pepsi, while Adobe used it in its “Joy of Sketching” campaign.

As pacesetters, a lot of companies and industry giants will certainly be interested in this type of creative design for their websites and campaigns. We’ll see how it goes.

Glassmorphism (Glass effect)

Even though this design has been around for a couple of years, it is not going away soon.

Glassmorphism is one of the jaw-dropping designs you can use with blur effects to create magnificent website designs.

According to creative experts from one of London’s leading bespoke web design agencies, Webpop Design, Glassmorphism will continue to take the web design niche by storm. With its acceptance by tech brands like Apple, several brand owners would like to feel the effect on their business in 2024.

Even though this design got a boost from Apple in 2020 with the MacOS Big Update that featured a glass-like menu and translucent sidebar designs, it is not exclusive to Apple.

Microsoft Windows Acrylic Design system and Windows Vista also used glassmorphism in their brand design.

The elements of this design theme are one of a kind. Button, sliders, and other user interface elements appear exceptional with the aid of its glassy effect. You should try to work with this amazing design option.

Kinetic Or Dynamic Typography

Another design you should look forward to in 2024 is Kinetic/Dynamic Typography designs.

This design format involves adding animation text to capture user attention. So many designers and brands are already embracing this trend.

If you run a digital agency, SaaS company, or any related tech company, Kinetic typography may increase your conversion rate if you highlight the right words.

With this design layout, it is easy to keep your website design clean. You don’t need many visuals, shapes, or videos to keep your users engaged.

It is also a perfect alternative to maintain a good website speed contrary to what high dimensional graphics would do.

In 2024, the news of this design is predicted to be everywhere to enhance designers’ art and user experience.

Interactive Storytelling Design

The year 2024 will not be an ordinary year when it comes to creativity. Website designers should be ready to go the extra mile to keep users engaged.

Storytelling designs will be among the trendy designs that will fascinate many business owners. Storytelling can be used to build a brand’s tone, especially in a highly competitive industry.

While this design might seem difficult to achieve for some creatives, the process is simple. As a designer, you have to get familiar with 3D visuals, dynamic text, videos, etc. to enhance your creativity with this design.

This web design trend is perfect for local e-commerce and dropshipping businesses.

A.I. and Metaverse Designs

I am sure you will be disappointed if A.I. and Metaverse designs are not on our list. It is no longer news that A.I. and Metaverse are the future of creativity.

With software like Midjourney, Uizard, Font Joy, and Jasper, among others, both end-users and professional designers already have the world at their fingertips.

Even though these software are capable of creating any designs with mere commands and minimal effort, it still requires professional input to come up with fantastic designs.

In 2024 more A.I. software will emerge and the existing ones will be perfected beyond human comprehension. Personally, I am looking forward to how A.I. would match up in this space.


Creative design is a pillar of technology that can never be overemphasised. With the current phase of digitization, it is obvious that 2024 will be a rollercoaster year.

While some designs will go extinct, others will be enhanced and new ones will emerge. One thing about these design trends is that they are made for distinct industries.

For instance, we have the dark mode design which is perfect for media business and agencies, and Kinetic Or Dynamic Typography designs for SaaS, digital marketing agencies, and creative portfolios.

No matter what you do or the industry you find yourself working in 2024, our top 5 predictions for web design trends are there to help you.

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