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How to Choose the Best Web Design Company?

For a number of reasons, choosing the best web design company is not necessarily an easy task.

While a Google search will cater to almost countless results, at face value, all of those results can appear ever so similar.

How To Choose The Best Web Design Agency

Choose The Best Web Design Agency


So, let’s say you decide to focus on the top 10 results in Google. It’s a good start.

Nevertheless, you will still only achieve something of a partial picture in terms of the value each company will actually provide to you.

Rather than merely viewing each design company’s portfolio, you should also try to seek the answers to the questions given below.

Once you have answers to these nine questions, it will help you to reduce the risk that your project will go over budget, that it will have issues at a future date, or that it will not, in fact, provide any real value.

What Questions Do You Need to Ask Prior to Signing a Contract with a Web Design Company?

1] What actually comes inclusive within the cost of the project?

Typically, there are a couple of different types of contract: project-based and hourly.

If you run a small business, it’s likely you’re working within the confines of a relatively tight budget.

In which case, it’s wise to choose a company that offers pricing which is project-based.

Be sure that you get the project’s final cost before signing the agreement. This way, you will not be surprised by any unforeseen additional costs.

2] How long will the project take to complete?

It’s not uncommon to come across unanticipated obstacles that do nothing more than delay the completion of a web design project. It’s a perfectly normal scenario, and therefore it ought to be planned for up front.

Ask for estimated timelines from the web design companies on your shortlist. Then, after hiring, monitor progress closely to make sure that your project is still on track.

3] Are the content strategy, the information architecture, and the SEO all inclusive within the price?

The majority of web design agencies fail to include each of these factors into their website design work.

If the company you choose does not, it makes good sense to hire an SEO firm separately. The SEO firm can then work closely with the design company throughout the entire design process.

4] Design and development: are both of these inclusive in the cost?

All too frequently, web design companies will simply provide a variety of web designs to their clients without actually building and coding the website.

As such, it’s pertinent that you make sure that the design, as well as the site’s development, are included in the price before the project begins.

5] Ask if you can get a list of the staff that will be working on your website.

It’s important that you know who it is that will be working on your website as well as their individual role in the web design agency.

For the most part, if the project’s price is more towards the low end of the spectrum, it will be designers at the junior level that will be assigned to do the work. Either that or the project will be outsourced abroad to what could be the lowest bidder.

Your website will act as the fronting of your business brand. It’s vital to make sure that the team working on your web design is made up of quality people.

6] Will your website be built on a framework that is responsive?

Google relies on “mobile-friendliness” in terms of how and where they rank websites in search. Users wish to visit and then possibly make a purchase from websites that are completely functional across all types of devices.

The site design company that you choose must build your site on a responsive framework to fulfill these requirements.

7] Transition plan: is it included?

A transition plan should be in place throughout any website redesign. After all, this is key to the maintenance of traffic as well as sales once your site goes live.

Be sure to hire a web design company that is well versed in transition planning throughout the entire design process.

8] Which content management system (CMS) will the site work on? Can the content be easily edited?

There are numerous platforms, inclusive of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, that may be utilised as your website’s framework.

Your chosen site design company must let you know which platform they wish to use. They must also be upfront about editing content. Is it easy enough for you to add and edit content or will you require their input?

9] Will the web design company provide you with training so you can easily use the CMS?

Touching on the last point, if they do use a CMS, the design company should offer training so you can easily and efficiently add content and make edits whenever necessary.

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