Crypto Listing Agency (Coin Listing On Exchanges)

Financial instruments on trading platforms must go through a lengthy analysis process before they become available for trading. A quite complicated procedure is determined by the concern of exchanges about their reputation.

But restrictive procedures often assume self-sufficiency. It becomes too difficult to overcome the entry threshold for new projects. And then, the result comes to be twofold.

Crypto Listing Agency

  • On one hand, traders feel more confident knowing that they will be protected from fraudulent projects.
  • On the other hand, in the future, this may lead to the monopolization of the digital currency market by large players, which contradicts the very ideology of decentralized currencies.

To prevent this from happening, the P2PB2B crypto listing agency offers a simplified listing procedure for your IDO crypto.

Importance of Listing for Promoting New Cryptocurrencies

Without adding a new cryptocurrency to the listing on exchanges, it is difficult to achieve its recognition. Since it cannot be traded in pairs without this, it will not be quoted. The more crypto exchanges add crypto IDOs to their listing, the more likely their eventual success will be.

What Is the Procedure for Getting an IDO Crypto to a Listing?

There is no single procedure for adding new cryptos to the listing since the ideology of decentralized finance does not imply a single coordinating body that issues its own directives. However, there are standard procedures adopted by most platforms due to their effectiveness. The general logic is as follows.

  • The creators of a new project provide detailed information about it to the trading platform. After a thorough analysis, specialists of the platform make a prediction regarding its possible profitability and also evaluate potential liquidity.
  • Based on this analysis, a conclusion is made about how much the trading platform is interested in listing IDO crypto.
  • Lucky ones will conclude a contract with the exchange and can breathe freely – their crypto will be added to the listing.

Benefits of a P2PB2B Listing Agency

The main advantage of P2PB2B is that the platform creates ideal service conditions not only for large and reputable development teams but also for young start-ups that can blow up the market with their brilliant ideas. Among other features of IDO crypto services are the following.

  • Speed: you don’t have to wait weeks and go through lengthy, tedious procedures of nitpicking and reworking. Almost all projects are added to the listing in less than three days.
  • A personal project support team will assist you throughout all stages of preparation for listing. You can be sure of the personal responsibility of the P2PB2B staff for all details. The situation when someone confuses something, advertises something wrong, etc. is impossible with this approach.
  • You will be given the option to include your crypto IDO in multiple trading pairs.
  • An extensive P2PB2B user community and integration into global user networks will guarantee access to a broad audience.
  • High volumes of daily trading on the exchange will create ideal conditions for promoting your IDO crypto.
  • Services of professional marketers who will find the best approaches to the target audience to promote your crypto.

Which Path to Success Should You Choose?

If you are confident in the benefits and advantages of your project as well as in its high functionality, you can break into the top cryptocurrencies in different ways.

  • You can storm the most famous exchanges over and over again, hoping for their approval and inclusion in the listing, getting rejected, and again trying to get your way.
  • Or you can get user support without any problems and with the help of a highly professional and enthusiastic P2PB2B team. You will raise enough initial capital and gradually climb higher and higher in the ratings with ease and a good mood.

You choose, and the dedicated P2PB2B team will always welcome your project on its prospective platform.

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