Dagcoin Cryptocurrency – Powered By Nils Grossberg’s Idea

Nils Grossberg, a man who, since the very beginning, wanted to bring about positive changes in the world. Being highly interested in the cryptocurrency sphere, Nils Grossberg, co-founded Dagcoin OÜ in May, 2017.

Nils analyzed the cryptocurrency sector and came to a valid conclusion that cryptocurrency is being seen as merely an investment product and nobody is thinking of utilizing the same cryptocurrency in their daily financial transactions.

Nils Grossberg - Founder & CEO - Dagcoin

According to Nils Grossberg, for a cryptocurrency to be successful and to get tagged as an alternative mode of payment, it needs to be high on usability factor.

Keeping this thinking of his in mind, Dagcoin OÜ developed Dagcoin cryptocurrency which, instead of being based on the blockchain, is based on the Direct Acyclic Graph or DAG-chain.

How Nils Grossberg’s Dagcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies?

As of now, you must be knowing the first difference that Dagcoin is based on DAG-chain and not blockchain like the traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies. So, how does this impart a strong potential to Dagcoin to become the top cryptocurrency?

  • In a DAG-chain, there is no role of an external miner in confirming the cryptocurrency transaction. Instead, a transaction gets confirmed from the transaction done prior to it. This makes the transaction confirmation time in case of Dagcoin to be of few minutes, unlike the traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies which sometimes take hours to get a transaction confirmed.
  • Since management of DAG-chain takes less processing power, the final transaction cost is also pretty low. The current transaction cost in Dagcoin cryptocurrency is around 0.0005 USD which is drastically low as compared to blockchain based cryptocurrencies.


  • DAG-chain is scalable in nature. With more number of users, the performance of DAG-chain will get even better. Hence, the above mentioned two points will get superior further.
  • DAG-chain is very secure and apart from maintaining an impeccable and immaculate level of security, DAG-chain is very easy and flexible for the users to adopt in their daily financial transactions. Again, Dagcoin scores higher than other blockchain based cryptocurrencies which are pretty complex to use for the common folk.
  • The above factor of simplicity makes Dagcoin an ideal cryptocurrency for the people living in areas, especially in Asia and Africa, where there are no centrally administered banking services.
  • Dagcoin is pretty simple for these people to adopt and utilize in their daily financial transactions. This benefit of Dagcoin has made various online merchants to register their online businesses on Dagpay with a hope of reaping profits from the untapped markets of Asia and Africa.


Dagcoin OÜ developed Dagcoin with an aim of making cryptocurrency become more usable and enabling people, who don’t have access to banking services, to get connected with the world. It is understood here now that Dagcoin, indeed, has the potential of becoming the top cryptocurrency in the world.

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