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Why Windows VPS Hosting Is Important – 5 Tips to Know

One of the most common issues for people who just want to get into hosting their own servers is the choice of OS and more importantly the common pitfalls to avoid. The potential complexity of establishing a VPS server can lead to procrastination and even letting go of the idea for many beginner users.

So in this guide, I will cover the importance of choosing your VPS OS properly before moving on to share with you 4 tips that I think should be considered before committing to a VPS provider.

Windows VPS Hosting

Notes on VPS OS

Probably the most important thing that you personally need to consider before getting a VPS is the choice of VPS OS. Generally, there are two options for a VPS OS and those are Windows and Linux. With Windows, you have a choice of different versions dating back to Windows XP, and with Linux, you have access to different distros like Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, and CentOS.

Generally, Linux VPS options are more lightweight and also cheaper. These VPS options are usually without a GUI which makes them suitable for hosting a server or website. Windows VPS options are more hardware demanding, but it provides GUI support in exchange that can be used for tasks that require graphics such as forest trading.

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VPS Prices

Now let’s cover things that need considering with regards to your choice of OS. The first thing you need to consider is the costs. VPS providers come in different price ranges, and as such their services differ from one another as well.

The best way to get the best VPS prices is by calculating exactly how much hardware you are going to need from your VPS plan. This will give you a clear understanding of what you need and then you can find the cheapest plan that covers your needs. Do keep in mind that cheaper packages may have sub-optimal tech support, etc.

Resource Isolation and Security

You should definitely resource isolation of the VPS provider you are considering for. If you are going to do things with your VPS that involve sensitive data or financial operations such as trading on the forex market, then lackluster security could lead to catastrophic losses on your part.

Generally, the more isolated the resources of your VPS provider are, the higher the security is in a correlated fashion. Other than resource isolation, which probably needs to be verified by directly enquiring from the provider, the other key things that need to be considered for your VPS security are the base-level integration of anti-DDoS features, especially if you want to run a website or gaming server.

Lastly, some VPS providers do not allow the installation of third-party anti-viruses, so make sure the one that you choose allows them.

Data Backup

If you want to run a server that is used to host websites or financial operations, you are going to be storing tons of data that may be needed to be rolled back and reused. This is also true if you are using a server as a development space for your software projects.

So the next important thing that a healthy Windows VPS provider should be offering you is the ability to back up your data. The general rule in determining if the quality of these backups is up to par is by knowing how frequently they are done. The intervals range from monthly, to weekly and daily. A VPS with daily backup instancing of your data is going to be the most reliable.

A good backup operation will allow you to easily restore your progress and operations should an attack wipes the original storage, or if you made an error and need to roll back the changes.


Performance is the last component. The performance index for various VPS providers can differ greatly, especially when choosing a Windows VPS. This is mainly because the Windows GUI requires more processing power to load and display.

Thus, you must ensure that the VPS provider will give you a low connection latency if you plan to do anything that demands speedy execution, such as trading forex. The amount of distinct server locations that your VPS provider offers is the strongest indicator of whether or not their performance index is high.

You can also verify the connection speed by asking for a trial and measuring the latency in order to make sure that the connection of the VPS is enough to support your online tasks.


Getting into the VPS world with a Windows VPS can be somewhat confusing, especially for beginners. On top of that there are a lot of pitfalls that newcomers can fall into, so use the essential tips of this guide to make your entry easier!

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