Stop Wasting Time Doing Business Tasks You Hate

Few business owners enjoy all aspects of running a business. There may be tasks that you find repetitive and time-consuming and others that you may find difficult.

Whilst these tasks need to be done, you yourself don’t have to waste your time doing them. Here are just several ways to creatively take care of the tasks you hate.

Never Waste Time Doing Business Tasks You Hate

Never Waste Time Doing Business Tasks You Hate


Automate them

Many long and repetitive tasks can now be automated by machines. For example, if you find bookkeeping to be a chore, you could find that using accounting software dramatically speeds up the whole process. Automating tasks won’t just make these tasks faster but it could eliminate the chance of any human error. Workload automation software is something many organizations are turning to. But what is workload automation? It’s a solution for orchestrating a series of background processes to ensure they’re done reliably.

You will have to pay to adopt such technology, so always do your research into the types of options out there by reading reviews and taking advantage of demos – this will help you to find a piece of technology suited to your needs and within your budget.

Delegate them

Another way to get rid of business tasks you hate is to delegate them to your employees. This could involve delegating tasks to existing employees or it could involve hiring brand new employees to take up these tasks.

When hiring new employees, you may be able to find someone specialised to this task such an experienced marketing individual to handle all aspects of marketing.

Look into recruitment techniques and dedicate enough time to collecting and reading applications in order to find the perfect employee for the role. Don’t be afraid of hiring employees that are more knowledgeable in certain areas than you – the best business owners hire employees that bring new skills to the team.

As for delegating tasks to existing employees, make sure that they are willing to take on these new tasks and aren’t already burdened with responsibilities.

Choosing to offload every task that you hate to your employees could have a negative impact on your employee morale – sometimes it’s necessary to get your hands dirty to ease the workload of your employees and inspire your team.

Outsource them

Outsourcing any company


It’s also possible to outsource certain tasks to another company. This is usually much cheaper than hiring a full-time staff member to take on such roles and you can ensure that it is handled professionally.

Business owners commonly outsourced tasks that require specialist knowledge such as legal support, IT consultancy and financial advice, however it’s also possible to outsource tasks that you may simply find time-consuming or inconvenient.

For example, a lot of companies outsource virtual receptionist companies to take over the task of answering the phone – if you find that answering phone calls is interrupting your workflow or you simply hate phone calls, outsourcing this task could be a sensible option.

When outsourcing any company to take over a task, always research their reputation beforehand and shop around for prices.

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