Girl Names: 130 Most Popular Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Observing the right name for your little beloved newborn is a significant undertaking. Both you and your kid should live with it, however, it very well may be interesting to track down the ideal pair. The most famous and strange child young lady names truly do change over the long haul however regardless of whether you’re searching for a name that is on the pattern, an enduring work of art, or something somewhat quirkier, it never hurts to have some additional motivation.

Lis Of Best Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Baby Girl Names with Meanings

To make things somewhat more straightforward here are our 130 top interesting child young lady names, with a little with regards to where everyone comes from, in sequential request…

Picking an extraordinary name for your little girl is a major liability. While it’s surely a pleasant encounter, it tends to be unpleasant, as well! All things considered, naming your child a young lady is one of the first and most significant choices you will make as another parent.

Assuming you’re similar to most guardians on their quest for an ideal young lady name, you might be wanting to join exceptional significance, honor a family or social custom, or observe a name that is remarkable all alone.

Anything your methodology, this rundown of the 1,000 most famous child young lady names, as recorded by the Social Security Administration (SSA), will assist you with thinking about the entirety of your choices, partake in the experience, and restricted down your rundown to a most loved decision.

  1. Abigail

From Hebrew, signifying ‘Father of commendation’, with a few varieties

  1. Ada

Initially a shortening of Germanic names like Adelaide and Adaline, with ‘Adal’ signifying ‘Honorable’

  1. Adaline

From German, ‘Honorable’

  1. Adalyn

A minor departure from Adaline

  1. Adalira

From Spanish, ‘Honorable’

  1. Adeen

Arabic for ‘Devoted/Righteous’ or Irish for ‘Little fire’

  1. Adele

Old German name, signifying ‘Respectable/kind’

  1. Adelyn

A minor departure from Adaline

  1. Adriana

Latin, signifying ‘from Hadria’

  1. Alaina

Old German, signifying ‘valuable; arousing; sun beam’

  1. Alana

From Old German, signifying ‘valuable; arousing’

  1. Alexa

From Greek, the female type of Alexander

  1. Alexandra

From Greek, the female type of Alexander

  1. Alexis

A gender neutral name albeit more normal for young men, from Greek for ‘safeguard’

  1. Alice

From German, ‘Of the respectability’

  1. Alina

A shortening of Adelina or Albina

  1. Alivia

Latin beginning signifying ‘Olive tree’

  1. Aliyah

From Hebrew, ‘Sky, aristocratic’

  1. Alison

From German, ‘Of the respectability’

  1. Alyssa

A blossom name, got from alyssum

  1. Amara

From Nigeria, signifying ‘beauty, benevolence, graciousness’

  1. Amaya

Spanish, got from the town of Amaya

  1. Golden

A clear fossil gum utilized in adornments, unique from Arabic

  1. Amelia

From the Germanic word ‘amal’ signifying ‘work’, and recommending productivity

  1. Amelie

Minor departure from Amelia

  1. Amiyah

Perhaps got from the Sanskrit word ‘amaya’ signifying ‘absent any hint of deception’

  1. Amy

Old French, ‘Beyond all doubt adored’

  1. Ana

Hebrew for ‘leaned toward effortlessness’ or a Spanish variation of Anne

  1. Anastasia

Greek beginning signifying ‘restoration’ however frequently connected to the girl of the last Russian dictator

  1. Andrea

‘Courageous’ in French or the ladylike type of Andrew

  1. Angela

From Latin, ‘courier of God’

  1. Angelina

Minor departure from Angela

  1. Anna

Latin adaptation of Hebrew Hannah, signifying ‘He (God) has inclined toward me’

  1. Annabelle

Mix of the Latin Anna (effortlessness) and the French word beauty (magnificence).

  1. Arabella

From Latin ‘orabilis’ signifying ‘respecting supplication’

  1. Aria

Hebrew beginning for ‘Lion’

  1. Ariana

Welsh beginning, signifying ‘Silver’

  1. Arianna

A slight varation from Ariana

  1. Ariel

Hebrew origin, signifying ‘lion of God’

  1. Ariella

Slight variation from Ariel

  1. Arya

Sanskrit and Persian beginning significance of ‘honorable’, yet additionally promoted by Game of Thrones

  1. Ashley

Gender-neutral name, initially for young men, English beginning of ‘Ash tree meadow’

  1. Aspen

English beginning from the tree

  1. Athena

Greek, the goddess of astuteness

  1. Aubree

From old German, signifying ‘mythical person or mystical being’

  1. Aubrey

Minor departure from Aubrey

  1. Audrey

English beginning, ‘Respectable strength’

  1. Aurora

From Latin signifying ‘day break’, likewise the Roman goddess of dawn

  1. Autumn

English, from the season

  1. Ava

Questionable beginning, might be from the Hebrew type of Eve (Chava) or the Latin ‘avis’ signifying ‘bird’

  1. Avery

Early English, signifying ‘mythical elf-counsel’

  1. Ayla

Hebrew signifying ‘deer or gazelle’

  1. Bailey

From the Old English signifying ‘berry clearing’ yet in addition ‘bailiff; city fortress’

  1. Bella

Italian beginning signifying ‘excellent’, likewise a small of Isabella

  1. Blake

Early English beginning, most likely from ‘dark, dim’ a moniker for somebody with dim hair or skin

  1. Blakely

A substitute type of Blake

  1. Bonnie

Scottish, ‘Excellent; beguiling’

  1. Brianna

From Celtic for ‘Solid; She climbs’

  1. Briella

Present day American name from Gabriella, the Latinised female type of Gabriel

  1. Brielle

Hebrew, ‘righteous woman’ or a shortening of Gabrielle

  1. Brooke

Early English and Old German beginning from ‘water/little streem’

  1. Brooklyn

Early English ‘little stream’ yet in addition from the New York City ward

  1. Callie

Greek beginning signifying ‘excellent’

  1. Camila

Spanish and Portuguese from Latin signifying ‘youthful formal specialist’.

  1. Camille

Latin induction, signifying ‘assistant to the minister’

  1. Caroline

Female variant of Carolus (Charles)

  1. Catalina

Greek beginning signifying ‘unadulterated’

  1. Charlie

Pet type of Charlene and Charlotte, presently utilized by its own doing

  1. Charlotte

Female variant of the male name Charlot (Charles)

  1. Chloe

From ‘blossoming’ or ‘richness’ in Greek

  1. Claire

From the Latin modifier ‘clarus’ meaning splendid or clear

  1. Clara

A minor departure from Claire

  1. Cora

Greek origin signifying ‘lady’

  1. Daisy

Early English beginning, from the blossom

  1. Dakota

Local American beginning for ‘companion/partner’, additionally from the US states

  1. Daniela

From Hebrew for ‘God is my appointed authority’

  1. Darcie

Irish and Gaelic beginning for ‘dark’

  1. Delaney

Old French ‘from the birch woods’ or conceivably Gaelic ‘holy messenger from paradise’

  1. Delilah

Hebrew beginning, ‘grieving, lovelorn, alluring’, Samson’s escort in the Bible

  1. Destiny

Destiny, initially from the Latin word ‘destinare,’ yet promoted in present day America

  1. Diana

Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, woods, and labor

  1. Eden

From the Biblical Garden of Eden, signifying ‘please’

  1. Elaina

French beginning signifying ‘splendid, focusing light’

  1. Eleanor

From Greek for ‘splendid, sparkling one’

  1. Elena

Minor departure from Eleanor

  1. Eliana

Latinised variant of the Hebrew name Eliyanah

  1. Elise

From the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either ‘promise of God’, or ‘God is fulfillment’

  1. Eliza

Hebrew beginning, short type of Elizabeth

  1. Elizabeth

Hebrew beginning signifying ‘swore to God’

  1. Ella

A shortening of names including Eleanor and Ellen

  1. Ellie

Minor departure from Ella, a shortening of names including Eleanor and Ellen

  1. Eloise

Dubious however might be Old German beginning, ‘popular fighter’

  1. Elsie

Shortening of Elizabeth, for the most part Scottish

  1. Elspeth

A basically Scottish variant of Elizabeth

  1. Ash

English, signifying ‘Flash, Burning Low’

  1. Emery

German origin signifying ‘Daring; strong’

  1. Emilia

A variety of Emily

  1. Emily

Latin origin, signifying ‘Productive; endeavoring’

  1. Emma

Of Old French and Old German beginning, significance of Emma ‘whole; all inclusive’

  1. Erin

Irish and Gaelic beginning, from a wonderful word for ‘Ireland’.

  1. Esme

From Old French, ‘to regard/love’, can likewise be a shortening of Esmeralda

  1. Esther

Of Persian beginning for ‘lady; star’, additionally an excellent Hebrew champion in the Bible

  1. Eva

Of Hebrew origin, signifying ‘life, creature’

  1. Evangeline

From Latin and Greek, signifying ‘good news’

  1. Evelyn

A young lady’s name of English beginning signifying ‘wished for kid’

  1. Evie

From Hebrew, initially a pet type of Eve

  1. Faith

English beginning from ‘confidence or conviction’

  1. Fatima

Of Arabic beginning with various varieties, additionally the little girl of the Prophet Muhammad

  1. Felicia

From the Latin modifier felix, signifying ‘cheerful’

  1. Fiona

Scottish and Gaelic beginning, signifying ‘white, fair’

  1. Florence

Latin beginning, ‘blossoming, in sprout’, yet additionally the Italian city

  1. Freya

In Norse folklore, Freya was the goddess of ripeness.

  1. Gabrielle

Hebrew beginning, signifying ‘godly woman; my solidarity is God’

  1. Gemma

Latin beginning, signifying ‘diamond, gem’

  1. Genesis

Hebrew origin, signifying ‘beginning, birth’; the primary book of the Bible

  1. Genevieve

Of French beginning, potentially signifies ‘individuals, clan, lady’, from the Celtic gen.

  1. Georgia

A ladylike type of the Greek George, significance turner of the dirt; additionally a US state

  1. Gianna

Italian name of Hebrew beginning, signifying ‘God is benevolent’s

  1. Elegance

From Latin for ‘favor, favoring’, an ideals name presented by the Puritans

  1. Gracie

Substitute type of Grace

  1. Hadley

Of Old English origin, ‘heather glade’

  1. Hailey

Of Old English origin, ‘roughage knoll

  1. Hallie

Initially the ladylike type of Henry or variation of Harriet

  1. Hannah

From Hebrew, ‘favor or elegance’

  1. Harley

Early English origin, from ‘bunny glade’ or ‘rock knoll’

  1. Harmony

In Greek folklore Harmonia was the goddess of fraternity, sisterhood, cheerful relationships and agreement

  1. Harper

English, Scottish, and Irish for the player of a harp

  1. Harriet

From French for ‘Attendant of the hearth’

  1. Hazel

Early English, from the tree or the shading

  1. Heather

An English and Scottish name from the blooming evergreen

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