Become a Better Professional Writer Understanding Parallelism

When it comes to establishing a career as a professional writer, one of the general grammar rules you need to learn about is parallelism. Not only does parallelism augment your career as a writer, but it can also help you become an expert in speech writing. Here’s a closer look at parallelism and how it can add clarity, improvability, and intelligibility to your writing endeavors.

How to Become Better Professional Writer?

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to improve your writing with parallelism, you have to first understand what it is. When you effectively use a series of grammatical patterns that are identical, this is referred to as parallelism. If, however, the grammatical patterns are not properly divided by commas or even the correct absence of commas, this results in a non-parallel sentence, thus making it difficult to understand what you are trying to convey.

How Does Parallelism Improve Writing?

If you create a parallel sentence, this is referred to as parallel construction. Many times, advanced writers are the only people to fully understand the concept of parallelism. The concept tends to be difficult to comprehend because parallelism is an overlooked part of writing, especially at public educational facilities for kids in grades K–12. As a professional writer, parallelism will improve your writing because it brings clarity, balance, and rhythm to your words. Readers will find themselves engaged with the topic being discussed thanks to your concise, memorable, and clear statements.

Tips for Using Parallelism

One of the simplest tips for correctly creating a parallel sentence is to end all parallel phrases or words with the same ending letter(s). For example: “Annie went to the bathroom and realized it had been scrubbed, rinsed, dried, and fragranced during the last few minutes.” The ending letters “ed” are used on each parallel verb.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even though only two elements are needed to produce a parallel construction, it usually makes more sense to use three. When you add a third or even a fourth element, this adds much clarity to your writing whether it’s through verbs, nouns, or adjectives.

Using Parallelism

Using Parallelism

There are many instances in which a parallel structure can take place, yet a non-parallel construction will still make proper grammar sense. Looking beyond grammar sense, however, parallelism allows you to add lucidity, transparency, simplicity, and pellucid to the point you’re attempting to convey. This is why mastering parallelism should be a top-priority for all professional writers.

Resources for Using Parallelism

There are many resources you can take advantage of to help you master parallelism. If you are looking to start a career in public speech writing, parallelism training is of the utmost value. Some of the best resources to use include grammar sites, online quizzes, college-level English and literature courses, and local writing events.

Resources for Using Parallelism

Resources for Using Parallelism

As you establish a career as a professional writer, you’ll quickly understand that there is much more to a writing career than the actual writing itself. You’re responsible for improving your writing, and one of the best ways to do this is by mastering the concept of parallelism.

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