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How I Drove Over 50K Pageviews to Event Based Niche Blog In One Day

We all are know that Truly Event Based Blogs are the Main Resources of the Earn $XXX. Before a Some days ago I was finding out the way to earn some $$$ from the Internet and I know that Many Peoples are Earn Some good money by starting the Event Based Niche Blog. By the Way I was only working on the One blog, But after starting the event based niche blog I learned lot’s of things about the SEO and Internet Marketing.

How I Drove Over 50K Pageviews to Event Based Niche Blog

I Know that moment before a some days ago Vinay tell me, “Hey Bro Why you are not starting the Event Based Niche blog, You can Earn Some Good Money from It. You Just Start the Event Based Blog and I will tell you what you do.” and after Heard a Good sound from the Vinay I decided that I will start the Event Based Blog this time. My Friend Imran, Vinay and Sangram are help me a lot on Event based niche blog. Thank You Brothers!! I started a Blog On 10th June on Father’s Day. The Father’s is On 15th June. Without Wasting time Let’s See Everything What I do for Event based niche blog. 🙂

Event Based Niche Blog

How It Started?

I Was Mainly working on Only on One Blog, but this time I thought of doing something big. My main goal was to drive maximum possible traffic to event based blog.

It Was not about Earning But Traffic. 🙂

In a June Month I was Searching for the Highly Searched Traffic Event and I found the Father’s day. I decided to work on It. Then I was starting a work on finding a good keyword. I choose a Domain Name Most of the People Think that Google penalizes exact match domains but that’s not true.

Event Based Niche Blog Traffic

On Page Optimization:

Firstly I choose a Blogger Platform for Father’s Day Blog. Actually Both Blogger and WordPress are working well. But The Blogger provides a good facility like Free Hosting and Security. So I choose a Blogger Platform.

In On Page Optimization I mainly focus on the Keyword. I use a Keyword Most of the time. I use a Keyword Mainly On Title, Permalink, Content and In Images Alt and Title tag. That’s It. Make Sure that update More and More Content Related to your domain that you have taken.

I select some low competition, medium competition and also high competition keywords, then wrote articles with rich keywords which have good number of searches on google. Also Use Social Sharing buttons on Post, So Users Easily Sharing your post.

Link Building – Off Page Optimization:

One Thing Must Keep in Mind that If your On Page Tactics are not properly then no matter how much link building you do, your blog won’t get traffic.

I Decided to Rank My Home Page well Instead of the Internal Pages.

Then I started link building(Off Page Optimization) to my homepage itself with the keywords like “Father’s Day Messages” and “Father’s Day Messages 2014”.

I done with 1.3K Backlinks, I got a Mainly Backlinks from the Social Media sites, Blog Commenting(nofollow/dofollow), Forum Posting, Social bookmarking sites list, Directory submissions, Web 2.0 Sites and Got Some Backlinks from the Blogs. That’s It.

Here are the Results.

After Done with The On Page and Off Page Optimization, I Surprised On Event Day Blog.

Event Based Niche Blog Traffic

Check out the Below snapshot’s of Blogger and Google Analytics. I got More then 50K Traffic In One Day.

Event Based Niche Blog Traffic

I got More then 180+ Online Real Time Visitors, But I have no Snapshot available. Check out below snapshot.

Event Based Niche Blog Traffic

On The Event Day I Keep Building a Links and Updating a content, On The Event Day My Blog was Ranked On the First Page. Check out the below snapshot.

Event Based Niche Blog Traffic

That’s It Friends. It’s all about My Event based Niche Blog. Now It’s Your Turn to Start Your Event Based Niche Blog and Keep Rocking.!!

Final Word:

For Ranking a Event Based Niche Blog and Getting a Good Traffic from It. The Main Thing is a Update a quality content, Keep social sharing, do On page optimization perfectly and start building a Links from social media, Social Bookmarking, blogs, directory submissions, Blog Commenting, forum posting and web 2.0 sites.

Enjoy Friends..!!

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  • congrats on your success. is it still possible to rank event based niches in 2017. just wondering!

  • Am A newbie wordpress blogger and am searching for traffic. this post Really helps Me lot…

  • I’m just curios about one thing. What happens after the event day passes away?

    The traffic might be seen for next 2-4 days and then goes back to ZERO right??

    So you keep updating this event niche site till coming next year same date? or you end your work and for next year you start a new website with new domain name?

    Also you didn’t mention about the amount spent vs amount earned out of it. 50+ views must make you some good income, is it so? How was Adsense CTR and other factors.

  • What an article, Thanks Barot for this great, informative and useful article, My blog niche is is movies. I am reeving 50K page views in only 1 month.

  • Very nice dude you are doing pretty good work, i hope i will archive something like this in my life i tried couple of event but couldn’t make it. hope soon i will get result like you have posted here.

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    I will implement your strategies now!

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  • Hai Harshil Barot , paka that should be done in the process of backlink ? hard to get relevant backlinks that each backlink on my website I usually kick my website directly from Google SERP

  • This is really Great Idea! We are thinking of starting the same website! based on partiulcar niche! will follow your post above! 🙂

  • Great, First of all Congrats for your short time success. I need to know the secret strategy that you’re using to promote your blog rather than these points mentioned above, which may help folks like me!

  • Hii Buddy,
    Its really awesome to land on your blog everyday. Bundle of thanks for such great article.

  • Great ideas for newbies like me, i am going to apply your technique and give a try to event blogging and let see how it will perform for me thanks for sharing this with us…

  • Woow man. Its like a dream to me to get such a traffic on my site. By the way, dont take me your wrong, can I ask you whats your earning?

  • How to secure adsense account to get banned i heard that google banned adsense account if we use it on event based blog??

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    And I think not only the content part of the any post, but the Comment Section as well is also very great place to something new.
    I suggest my fellow bloggers to have a look on comments of every post.


  • Nice post link building can improve your web page rank in google search engine
    results pages. some links can create from bookmarking sites, blog commenting sites, high page rank directory submission sites.

  • Sir Now you are become in top blogger’s. I read your every post and also check updates daily of this blog.

  • Great to know that you were able to drive such a huge traffic. Best wishes 🙂 I am also planning one event based site. Hope I will be able to get a clue from your valuable experience. Thanks for the share.

  • I also started event based blogging couple of months ago. And it was a very successful step as my daily pageviews was 15,000 when the IPL is going one. The same thing i used for Fifa World Cup with much more content and quality. But still the results are not even half.

    So one should be careful on how to select the domain

  • Glad to hear that it worked for you. Event niche blogs are in trend these days especially among Indian bloggers. Keep blogging and All the best for upcoming events 😀

  • Hey Bro Nice to See Your Case Study and It inspires me to write about my case study too… and Loved Your article………….

  • Hello harshil, nice post and thanks for sharing your personal experience on your blog. I like the way of your work strategy. 🙂 awesome traffic in one day. i hope you earn $$$ 😉

  • Good to see you progress brother , one should try hands in every field. Hope i’ll learn some thing from you .

  • Hi Harsh, Great to know about this event based blogging. Never heard of it before . Thanks for introducing me into this . Just a question can you tell me how you earned from this event based blogging.

    • Hi Sangeetha,
      As I Said above It was not about the Earning but Traffic… Actually I was not Earn Much
      because of hosting and monetization problem, But Atleast I Got an Experiance of Event Blogging..
      And It will Surely Help Me to Earn Good amount of Money In Next Event.. 🙂

  • Hi Harshil,

    A great achievement man and a great motivation for me as well.

    I tried event niche blogging twice but failed both the time. I really wish to learn from you 😀

    Will you please explain little bit more on link building for niche blogs. It’ll be a great help.

    At last, congrats and keep moving. 🙂

    Best Regards!

    • Thanks a Lot Ankit. 🙂
      I will Update the New Article Soon Related to Link Building and Bro If You follow the
      perfect strategy for event blog you will get surely success..
      All The Best for your Next Event Blog.. 🙂

  • Wow,
    This is really something very special post for all those bloggers who want to do same. Thanks for sharing.
    you are really doing a great job Bro. keep updating 🙂

    – Amit Kumar

  • Hi Harshil

    Thankyou so much for sharing such a valuable information. Just a question

    Are you able to retain even 10% of this traffic after Father’s day?
    I doubt because after few days of this special days, people do not search for share stuff related to Father’s day throughout year. What Say?

    • Yes Right Sam, The Event Based Niche Blogs are working well only on Event days. But Still I Getting 2K Traffic on that Blog. You can get some Traffic not more after Events.

  • Hi Harshil!
    I first time visit your site and got some great knowledge from your some of posts and yes making blogs on event niche is also profitable but we must need to work hard on our event based blog content and backlinks.

  • Thats really impressive Harshil I am glad you experimented every possible way to drive massive traffic 😀 keep up the good work it always nice to experiment new things in seo.

  • Hey mate, first of all congratulations that u achieved ur goal.
    Now i would like to know about ur earnings. Do share your adsense earning. It will help us to know is your journey was successfull or not.

    • Thanks Qadir, As I Said It’s not about earning but Traffic, Because I am using Hosted Google Adsense. And Hosted Google Adsense Can’t show ads some times and It’s also not responsive ads, so mobile users didn’t see ads. But In Next Event we will Earn good for sure and I suggest you to Start a Event based Niche Blogs, You will make a good amount of money for sure. 🙂

      • Ohh dat is really a bad that u dint hv Adsense. But you did it for getting experience that is really a great thing. I know this experience will gonna help you in future.
        And yes m definitely gonna jump in event blogging. Your this post will be an inspirational for me. All d best & Have a great success in future.

  • Really awesome tips you had shared bro! Thank you very much.

    Abdul Ghani,

  • Hey Harshil,
    Thanks for sharing your Experience On how to create a Event Based Niche Blog.Really,Event based niches will get tones of Traffic and in short time period we can earn some good amount.I will also have try on event Based Niche Blog.

  • Hi Harshil Barot,

    I just read your post about Event Based Niche. Congratulations on making a Successful Event Blog. Blogger is a Good Platform to index our posts quickly. I am pretty sure you have used some type of Backlinks indexing service otherwise within 2-3 days 1.3K Backlinks can’t index itself or these backlinks are already indexed in Google.

    I am happy to see that you have shared your success with us.

    Muhammad Faizan Khan

    • Thanks Muhammad for Leaving Your valuable Comment. 🙂 Use Some Pinging Site Like or for faster indexing blog and One more thing Use some automated Backlink building tools Like I Hope that This Tools will surely help you to index fast your blog links.

      • Yes Harshil Barot,

        That is the Right Answer. I know very well. And People on Internet Just Share their success but People ask again and again that How you Rank your Event Niche Instantly, they don’t reply. But you replied very well.

        Thanks a lot and keep sharing your success in future too 🙂

  • Hi, very nice post , I do started writing articles as per niche event blogging on my site, thanks for sharing such an informative article.