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Top 10 Most Popular Laptop Brands In India

Your laptop determines your daily productivity to quite an extent. Everyone wants a laptop that runs smoothly and enables quick loading and browsing. This is because, such a device enhances productivity. It also renders a great user experience. It is thus essential to choose a laptop cautiously.

All Laptops Brands and Manufacturers In India

Best Laptop Brands In India

You must compare and contrast their features and performance before choosing one. To make your task easier, we have compiled a list of laptops. It includes the top 10 best laptop brands in India.

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Apple laptops have a good look and appeal and offer superb performance. The brand offers three laptop models to match the need of different users. These include MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Their performance is so amazing that once a person starts using an Apple laptop, he seldom shifts to another. If you have ever worked on an Apple laptop, you are sure to agree with us.

MacBook - Apple Laptop

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Apple is undoubtedly one of the most trusted laptop brands in the country. However, its price is quite high compared to other brands.


Dell laptops have made a place of their own in the Indian market. Many organizations choose these for their employees. These laptops are thus quite in demand in India.

They offer high performance and excellent customer support. Besides offering great customer service over the phone, they also have a team of field technicians. These technicians offer quick pickup and delivery service. Apart from this, minor issues are fixed at your place itself.

Dell Laptops

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Dell laptops are available in different price range. They have been price so to meet the demands of different users. Its latest series of laptops includes Inspirion, XPS and Alienware.


HP laptops have always been a hot favourite among the Indian users. The brand offers different models of laptops. These laptops are appropriate for home as well as office use. Some of its models have exclusively been designed for office use. These include models such as Elite, Zbook and Probook.

These models boast of high performance. Multiple applications run smoothly on these models. Thus, they ensure greater productivity. If you are looking for a laptop for home use, you should opt for HP’s Omen, Pavilion and Spectre. These models are user friendly. They are also easy to maintain.

HP Laptops for Home and Business

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Besides offering high functionality, HP laptops also look great. The brand also offers great customer support service.


Lenovo laptops are also doing great in the Indian market. Working people especially love laptops by this brand. These are installed in various organizations. Besides, their great performance, their look and feel is quite professional.

The brand has launched several models suitable for different users. Their 2 in 1 laptop has especially received overwhelming response. It is part laptop and part tablet. Though most suited for businesses, Lenovo laptops can very well be used at home too.

Lenovo Laptops

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If you are looking for a reasonably priced laptop that offers good performance then Lenovo is the best option. You can choose from a wide range. This includes Lenovo Thinkpad, Lenovo v series, Yoga and Ideapad.


Asus laptops have gradually gained popularity in India. They offer a great user experience and are  reasonably priced. Even though they are cost effective, you can trust their quality completely. These laptops have high configuration.

ASUS India

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They are user friendly too. It is easy to update them. They are particularly good for personal use. Many of its models are also apt for office use. The laptop series launched by the brand include EeeBook Series, VivoBook series, ZenBook series, ZenBook Delux Series and ZenBook Flip Series. Asus has especially designed Republic of Gamers for gamers.


Acer laptops offer good performance and are affordable at the same time. The brand is quite popular among Indians. It caters to wide section of laptop users. This is firstly because Acer laptops are quite cost effective. Secondly, these are available in various sizes.

Acer Laptops

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Small size laptops by the brand are especially popular. These are handy and come with several features. Acer laptop models include Acer Predator, Acer Extensa and Acer Aspire. Other models by the brand are Acer Aspire 8920, Acer Swift and Acer Travelmate .


Samsung manufactures several electronic items. Its products are extremely popular in India. The laptops by this brand are also quite in demand. The brand manufactures stylish laptops at affordable rates. Its laptops have several useful features.

Samsung Laptops

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They have ergonomic design and come with high security features. Their battery life is also great. M series and N series laptops by Samsung are quite popular. Samsung Notebook 7 and Notebook 9 are loved by professionals. P series, Q series and X series are also in demand.

Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba is a Japanese company. It sells various electronic products in India. It has been doing great in the Indian market. Just like other Toshiba products, its laptops are also quite popular in our country. The brand offers different laptop models.

Toshiba - Laptops

These include Toshiba Satellite UHD 4k, Satellite Pro, Portege and Tecra. Many other Toshiba models are also available in the market. Toshiba laptops offer high performance. These are apt for home as well as office use.

MSI Laptops

MSI Laptops have gradually made a place in the Indian market. The laptops by MSI offer high performance. These are also known for their looks. If you are looking for a laptop mainly for gaming purpose then go for it. The brand offers several laptop models.

MSI Laptops

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These include MSI GT series, GS series, GF series, GE series, GV series and GP series. These are available in different price range. So, people from different segments can purchase these.


Microsoft manufactures high quality laptops. It offers laptops for different segments of customers. Various models of Microsoft are available in the market. These are known for their look as well as usability factors. They come with numerous features. Moreover, the performance of these laptops is impeccable.

Microsoft Laptops

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So, these are the most popular laptop brands in our country. You can choose anyone among these for a great user experience. Also tell us which one are you using already? And how is it performing? We would love to hear from you!

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