7 Tips On Choosing A Gel Blaster Gun

Preparing for your first gel blaster game can be overwhelming, given the bountiful options in blaster gun models and accessories available on the market. Gel blasting is similar to paintballing, with the key difference being gel blasters shoot out gel balls rather than pellets and paintballs.

Choosing the right gel blaster gun is critical in ensuring you get the best out of your gaming session. Here are seven tips for selecting the appropriate gel blaster gun and accessories.

Gel Blaster Gun


Gel blasting guns come in different designs and capabilities depending on the role you intend to play in the activity. Sniper, shotgunner, or rifleman are just a few examples of popular role plays. Gel blaster gun manufacturers produce different gun models for each role-play.

Selecting a blaster gun becomes hassle free once you decide which role you want to play in your games. However, if you are new to the game or are unsure of your role, then an assault rifle would be a good gun to start with before you figure out what works best.


While the gel blaster gun is the primary gaming tool, you can significantly elevate your gaming experience by including a few accessories. Having a set of chargers, extra batteries, and magazines ensures you don’t miss out on the fun. These extras may be included as part of the initial purchase or purchased separately from other vendors.

If you have to purchase accessories separately, ensure you pick high-quality components compatible with your blaster gun model.

Consumer reviews

Studying online reviews is important before you purchase any gel blaster gun model. Consumer reviews are a great way to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a blaster gun from people who’ve had experience with the product. Gel blaster guns don’t come cheap hence the need to do your research to guarantee value for money in the long run.

Also, consider reviewing different manufacturers or vendors to find out if they accept refunds, their warranty terms, and whether they include accessories in the initial purchase.

Weight of the gun

Gun weight is an important consideration when purchasing gel blasting equipment. Like paintballing, gel blasting is a high-intensity game involving lots of movement and strategy. A gun that’s too heavy may slow you down and cause you to tire more quickly, thus affecting your performance during the game.

Whether you purchase your gun online or at a local store, it helps to check the gun specifications, weight, and form factor. Try out the gun to ensure its weight doesn’t affect comfort and mobility.

Price and maintenance cost

A gel blaster gun’s price depends on the model specifications, build quality, and accompanying accessories. Choose a gun that fits your budget and if you have to pay extra for upgrades or accessories, consider how these features contribute to the gaming experience.

Different vendors will likely sell similar models at different prices. With that in mind, it helps to compare product prices with other sellers before buying your gel blaster equipment. Be sure to factor in shipping costs when you order your gun online. Lastly, choose models with low maintenance costs.

Type of game

Gel blaster guns can be used for different types of field games. More importantly, guns meant for kids will differ from those meant for adult use. Choose a gel blaster gun that’s suitable for the type of game you intend to play.

Performance and Shooting range

Shooting range and performance are other critical aspects to consider when getting your first gel blaster gun. Most manufacturers normally include performance stats for different models they sell to guide buyers during purchase. When checking consumer reviews, confirm whether a gun’s performance matches the manufacturer’s claims.

Shooting range refers to how far the gels travel after you fire the blaster. A long shooting range is desirable if you plan on playing as a sniper or other long-range shooter roles. Check a gun’s shooting range and other performance capabilities to boost your chances of winning during the gaming session.


The above tips will help you avoid common rookie mistakes people make when shopping for gel guns.

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