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Kepard VPN Review: Best Encryption and Anonymity Online

Internet is being flooded with tons of users every day. But, among this humongous network of World Wide Web exist some hackers who are always out their looking for their next target. The privacy on internet is getting diluted day by day and the gloves are off as soon as you start accessing the internet.

VPN is one effective solution to arrive at because of the numerous advantages it has. Using a VPN service can aid you in the process of browsing the internet anonymously. Not only does it tighten your security but also lets you access blocked websites.

Kepard VPN Service Review

Kepard VPN Review

Kepard VPN

There are countless VPN services which exist in the market and it becomes crucial to choose the one which can solve all your issues and offer best customer services. Kepard VPN service is on the top notch VPN service which abides by all the generic VPN rules and has all the advanced features.


Security and privacy offered by any VPN service becomes the moot selling point. Kepard VPN service makes sure that your IP address and the websites you visit are not taken into record while you’re accessing the internet.

All the passwords and sensitive information you enter on websites are treated with utmost care and none of these data is logged. The Kepard VPN uses a 256-bit encryption to protect the network from external vulnerabilities.


To meet the demands of all type of users, Kepard VPN service has been made compatible with most of the operating systems. With Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X, Kepard VPN service is pretty much flexible for working on almost any operating system.

Not only does Kepard VPN service has a Windows application, but you can also access it’s Android application and avail the service.

VPN Protocol Support

The Kepard VPN service includes a variety of protocols which you can pick as per your needs from OpenVPN TCP, L2TP, default PPTP and OpenVPN UDP which are the standard are secured protocols.

Countries Supported

If you know more about VPN services, then you must be aware of the fact that in order to keep your identity anonymous, you can cloak your IP address and represent it from different countries. You can select an IP address from the following countries while using Kepard VPN:

  1. Sweden
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Spain
  5. Germany
  6. Switzerland
  7. United Kingdom
  8. France

Referral Campaign

This is an amazing thing which you can use to make easy money from the affiliate program of Kepard VPN if you’ve good followers. You can promote the Kepard membership to your followers or readers of your blog and if they purchase the service using your reference, you get paid. Not only this, you get a free 30 day access to Kepard VPN service and your customer gets 15 days free usage.

Price & Refunds

Now, however good a VPN service may be, but if it doesn’t fits the wallet of customers well, then it’s difficult to find customers. But, the Kepard VPN indeed has a user friendly price for the service.

Moreover, if you want to test the service first then you can opt for a one day free trial during which you can check all the features of the service. Only after you’re completely satisfied, you can proceed for buying the Kepard VPN service. The pricing options are:

  • 1 Month – $7/month
  • 3 Months – $5.66/month
  • 12 Months – $2.99/month

Most of the popular payment modes are supported like Paypal, MasterCard, VISA or net banking.

Customer Support

Price and refund

Price and refund

Having a good customer support is what hold on the customers to keep renewing the service. The Kepard VPN service offers a quick response for any queries and the support is available 24×7.

I hope you’ll take the wise decision of buying a good VPN service and probably go for the Kepard VPN service. 🙂

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  • Just joined NordVPN last week and couldn’t be happier. The customer service via LiveChat is excellent (they’re always there). The security they provide is second to none. You could probably find a faster VPN but you’d surely be more vulnerable to having your IP exposed than you would be with NordVPN. I signed up for a year for $36US, a real bargain for what they offer.