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How To Schedule Post On Facebook Fanpage

Welcome to Just Web World, today here we’re sharing some tips and tricks regarding Schedule Post On Facebook Fanpage. Do you want to post automatically on your fanpage to gain reach when you’re outside or don’t have access to internet then you would really love to check out today’s post on How To Schedule a Post Facebook Fanpage. It will surely help you to maintain a good growth of your facebook fanpage which will result in more likes and authority. It also helps to save our time, this features is just added in facebook to help people not to lose their reach on their Fanpages.

Schedule a Post on Facebook Fanpage

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

As i know many people and big developers using this feature i also recommend you to use this feature to maintain a proper growth of your facebook fanpage and also to gain some authority and always its good to share some thing daily at same time to help your readers get your feed updated daily at same time which helps you to increase your fanpage likes and engagement with the people who follows your fanpage.

Schedule Post On Facebook Fanpage

Below are the steps involved to Schedule a post on facebook Fanpage, its a very easy process and you all will love to use this feature.

how to schedule a posts on facebook

Schedule posts on facebook fanpage

  • First of all, login into your facebook account.
  • After you login into your account, select and open the fanpage you want to schedule posts on.
  • Now change your account from user account to page account.
  • Now when you have changed your account to Fanpage account, you will need to click on the status update space and click on the drop down button present in bottom left corner of the icon “Post“.
  • Once you click on the drop down button you will see a option to schedule post, click on it.
  • Now enter the content you want your users to read at the time when you want to publish the post.
  • Once you have entered the content which you want to share with your users, click on schedule and it will ask you for the date and time to publish the post on your Fanpage Timeline.

Tip Always try to share something cool and awesome stuffs related to your Fanpage to increase the chances of getting more followers and likes to the page.

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Here we have shared the best way to schedule a post on you facebook fanpage to maintain good engagement between your followers and the people who have liked the page because sharing some good ideas and thoughts a day or something related to your page helps you to get more followers, all because of sharing a post daily on your fanpage. So help everyone in getting more followers and likes to their page with help of this feature of facebook, How To Schedule Posts On Your Facebook Fanpage.

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  • Pretty detailed info. It’s nice that Facebook has a builtin scheduler. Thanks.

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