Various Gift Ideas to Appreciate Your Employees

Gone are the days when people expected to simply come into work, do a job, get paid and head home. The world of work has evolved significantly in the past few decades. The range of job options available now is vast and the battle for talent has become quite intense in many industries.

Mental health and wellbeing has become a prominent topic and consideration for employers and the requirement for high levels of productivity in order to help an employer remain competitive, has increased exponentially.

Gift Ideas to Appreciate Your Employees

So, how does an employer maintain an edge in a highly competitive industry? It’s simple: through the people they employ. Business success can only be achieved through the people who are working on it behind the scenes. To achieve goals and milestones, businesses rely a hundred percent on their people.

Let’s start at the recruitment stage. Does the employer have a good reputation? Is it somewhere the best candidates would like to work? What do its current employees say about the company?

Websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor have become hotbeds for spreading the word about what an employer is like to work for. It’s in the business’s best interest to ensure its existing employees are well cared for and given the training and opportunities they need in order to do a great job.

Existing employers are a business’s best advocates when recruiting new employees so the first place to start is not actually at the recruitment stage, it’s with the people already in your employ.

What is your employee value proposition (EVP)?

Think about what you currently offer your employees. Do they have access to pay and benefits that are in line with the rest of the industry? Do they have a good relationship with the leaders in your business? Are there leadership skills you can help your team to build to ensure the relationships formed are beneficial for everyone?

Do your employees feel satisfied with the work they do? Do they feel under or over-equipped. And, particularly for the purpose of this article, do they feel recognized and rewarded, not necessarily through remuneration, but through every day moments and key personal milestones?

Analytics firm, Gallup, carried out a number of studies into employee retention and found that 79 percent of employees who leave an organization, do so because they experienced a lack of appreciation for the work they did.

Gift ideas for employees

Beyond fair pay and benefits, employees don’t need extravagant gifts to feel as though they are valued and appreciated. Sometime, the best gifts for employees are those that feel as though real thought and consideration has been put into them.

And here’s the thing. Everyone writes. Everyone knows how to use a pen. Everyone appreciates the value of a good quality writing instrument. For centuries, pens have been valued as wonderful gifts that represent all manner of achievements.

A great pen can be symbolic, it can be passed down through generations, it can be an heirloom and something special to remember a particular achievement by.

Pen gifts for employees

There are many different types of pens to gift an employee to show your appreciation. A ballpoint pen is a classic pen gift and these days are available in a wide range of designs, finishes and colors. An edc ballpoint pen in 100% stainless steel would be the perfect choice to represent someone who values reliability and steadfastness.

If the employee you are gifting likes to ‘fidget’ when they are writing, look for a pen with a mechanism such as a bolt action. This will keep the recipient happy for hours. A bolt action ballpoint pen will make a useful and appreciated addition to their EDC essentials.

Does your employee have a slim wrist, or are they less accustomed to writing by hand? If this is the case, a lighter weight ballpoint pen could make the perfect gift. Lightweight pens can be available in 100% aluminum or titanium. These are nice and light but have deceptive strength.

If the employee you are gifting prides themselves on their individuality, they will appreciate theunderstated, matte finish of the aluminum pen.

The classic fountain pen

The fountain pen will always make a fine, considered employee gift. This classic pen has timeless charm and isideal for someone who works in an official capacity, perhaps in the medical, academic or legal professions.

There are beautiful edc fountain pen styles and finishes available now using premium materials and contemporary designs. Fountain pens can become unique to the user, with the nib adapting to hand movements, making this a highly personal and treasured employee gift option.

Gifting your employee a pen to recognize their achievements and show your appreciation will help ensure they feel valued and their work efforts are worthwhile.

High quality pens are useful and always valued. A good pen will last a lifetime, and they are symbolic too. The next time you want to show your appreciation for an employee, consider gifting a pen.

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