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What to Look for When Buying an Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are one of the best ways to get almost everything clean. From grease stains to burnout marks. It has the tendency to clean almost everything. A pressure washer is not something that you buy every day, so there are some things that you must know before you go and buy them.

Buying an Electric Pressure Washer

Usually, people prefer to lend them out or hire a company to do the cleaning for them. If you face a lot of conditions where the pressure washer is required, you should probably buy it.

Here is everything you need to know before buying a best electric pressure washer:

Gas washer or pressure washer

There are basically two types of pressure washer: the gas ones and the electric ones. Both work equally fine, the preference depends on the type of work you have got to do. The gas ones are better if you have got to clean a large area. Usually, it is used for professional work.

Usually when you have got to clean public areas, like stairs or walls etc. They have proven to produce some excellent results for removing chewing gums and tree swaps etc. the only problem is that they are really noisy and heavy.

As they have machines, they attend to get heated really fast, and you have to take breaks after a while to save your machine from getting ruined. Also, as it a gas machine, you cannot store inside your house. if you live in a cold area, you need to use an anti-freezing, to save your machine. If this is something that gives you a hard time, no space for your pressure washer and having difficulties in maintaining it, you can search for a pressure washer rental company online. This will help you a lot.

Pressure Washers

Now, let’s have a look at electrical pressure washer. These models are usually designed for domestic use. It is used for cleaning out your furniture or doing small jobs. You can easily move them around as they are really lightweight and relatively less noisy as compared to the gas pressure washer.

Also, they can be stored inside the house, you can place them inside your garage or porch. The water pressure is quite low. So, it will take longer to do the cleaning.

There is a small limitation that the wands and nozzles are less plastic material, you can only clean in the area where the hose or nozzle reaches.

Cold water or hot water

Both works equally fine but hot water is recommended. Cold water pressure washer is more durable as compared to hot water. The benefit of hot water is that they can do better cleaning, even if the pressure is not good enough. Cold water pressure washers are more dependent on the pressure of the water.

Hot water requires less soap as hot water can do better cleaning, all by itself. Another advantage is that hot water is a good source for sterilizing things. They remove the dirty stuff off from surfaces and then kill germs as well.



Make sure that the pressure washer you are buying has a good warranty. Almost every brand you will see will claim that they have longest warranty. Read all the instructions carefully. See what the warranty covers, make sure that they cover both engine and pump.

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