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Smart B2B Sales & Marketing Tactics to Close More Deals this Holiday Season

Tis the season to be merry, jolly, and for B2B companies to flourish. It’s a lucrative time of year, and you want to ensure you’re connecting with audiences through customized and relevant content.

Business owners are online purchasing gadgets to help their companies grow within the last couple of months of the year and beyond. It’s not just B2C businesses that benefit from this time of year.

Sales & Marketing Tactics

B2Bs have a lot to gain and capitalize on the surge of online traffic to land more leads and boost sales.

For example, you have the perfect opportunity to get contact details of your website visitors so that you can follow up with them either right away or directly after the New Year. Don’t let the holiday rush pass you by.

Take advantage of the high sales potential of the holiday and read our best B2B marketing and sales tips!

1] Why Do the Holidays Matter to B2B Businesses?

You might be thinking, sure – the holidays are a hugely crucial selling time for B2C businesses, but why should it matter to me, as a B2B?

There are several reasons, and here are two of our favourites.

  • Because business budgets need to be spent by the end of the year, businesses are on the lookout to spend money on the latest software and tools.
  • Decision maker and manager positions are planning for the upcoming year, so they’ll be on the hunt for tools that they can benefit from when the new year begins.

Although you should take some time off to spend with family and friends this holiday, give yourself enough time at work so you can implement your seasonal sales strategy to bring in more customers before the year is over.

2] Utilize the Power of a Website Visitor Identification Company

When you work with a website visitor identification company that can identify anonymous visitors on your site, you can access vital information such as company name, titles, and names of the company’s key players.

These details of information can give you a jump-start on potential leads, and you can follow up with people directly.

The right company will connect with your Google Analytics account to their software to find leads. Using Google Analytics prevents any messy website tracking codes, and the reality is, most websites already have it installed!

3] Give Your Clients Some Holiday Love

Spread the holiday cheer to your clients and send personalized thank-you notes to those you genuinely love working with. A sincere token of gratitude this time of year goes a long way.

These clients will be much more inclined to continue working with you in the future when you express to them how appreciated they are.

4] Host Holiday Flash Sales

Flash sales are short sales that convey exclusivity and take advantage of impulse buying. Offer clients a subscription package that is only available to purchase before January first.

Holiday Flash Sales

Build some hype around it and watch as the holiday sales roll in.

Take advantage of the holiday sale season this year and enter the New Year with confidence.

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