How Not To Get Addicted To Online Games

Online gaming is huge and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger. In fact, experts predict that India’s online gaming industry is set to grow to $1 billion by the year 2021. Though as online gaming grows in popularity, Statistics shows that increase number of gamers worldwide are increasing and some of the population of the online gamers are children.

How to Avoid Getting Addicted to Computer and Mobile Games

Addicted to Computer Video Games

There are even widespread fears about children getting addicted to online games through spending too much time on smartphones and tablets. An addiction of any kind can have a detrimental effect on things like your social life and even your health. Here are three ways to prevent online gaming addiction.

Set limits

One of the best things that can be done to prevent gaming addiction is to set yourself limits. U.S. gamers over the age of 13 spend an average of 6.3 hours a week gaming (this includes some time playing games that aren’t online). Try limiting yourself to less than 6.3 hours of online gaming a week.

To do this, keep a track of how much time you spend gaming. If you hit your weekly limit before the end of the week, try not to game until the start of the next week.

Find real-world alternatives

A lot of those who become addicted to online gaming do so simply because they haven’t got anything else to do. Even if you think online gaming is the only thing you can do to pass the time, there are always plenty of other things you can do instead.

You don’t have to quit online gaming altogether, but devoting your time to numerous things instead of just the one will lessen your chances of gaining an addiction. Take time to do things like going for walks, tidying up around the house, reading, joining a club or seeing friends – anything to take your mind off gaming.

Limit your gaming devices

Setting Limits on Video Games

Online games can be played on a growing number of devices, whether it’s desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or others. A good way to prevent online addiction is to limit ways you can access online games. Try to do all your online gaming on a single device, preferably one that stays at home so you can’t play while you’re out and about.

Don’t download any games to your portable devices and get yourself into the habit of avoiding gaming while you’re out of the house.

Think of the negative effects

Online gaming addiction can cause all sorts of problems. Not only can they cause mental and physical problems, they can cause financial problems as well. Many online games allow players to get ahead by spending money, whether it’s buying in-game currency or special items.

Then there are online casino games, where you place a bet and hope the money you spend will land you a big win. You need to stay in control of your budget so you don’t end up getting into financial problems. Keep track of how much you spend. Have weekly limits, for example, and if you happen to go over your limit before the week’s over, don’t spend any more until the next week starts.

Manage your money well and you can easily spend some hard-earned money on your favourite games without things getting out of hand. It’s all about moderation. As long as you stay in control, you’ll enjoy gaming a lot more.

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    Thanks for sharing effective post. Now-a-days playing video and online game is spread all over the world because expansion of internet in everyplace. But we should play online game in limit don’t to get addicted to online game because there is lot of disadvantage from playing video game and online game.

    Here you share effective points to avoid online games. If we use this rule we can escape from addicted online game.

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  • Hi Harshil, the points you provided are very good and useful if one implements them on how to avoid getting addicted to online games, thanks for the post.