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What Is SIP and How to Use SIP Calculator

Earning a good amount and living a lavish lifestyle is the dream of every person. But it cannot be possible by earning good amount only. You also need to invest your hard earned money in a better way so that it will gives you good returns after a period of time.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

Therefore, people are taking so much interest in investing their money in the past few years. They invest their money in SIP as it is one of the best investment options in the market.

What is SIP?

SIP is a Systematic Investment Plan which is offered by mutual funds to investors. These investment plans allow the investors to invest the small amounts periodically instead of the bulk amount at a single time. The frequency of the investment time is weekly, monthly or quarterly. It totally depends on a person to choose the time limit.

What is SIP Calculator?

SIP is really a great investment plan to get the high returns. But it is difficult for a normal person to calculate the exact return on its investment. Here comes the ‘SIP Calculator’. SIP Calculator is an online tool which is available on the internet on different websites.

You can easily calculate the returns on your SIP investments by entering all the details related to your investment on this online calculator. It is easy to use and free for every user. Moreover, you can also get the SIP calculator on almost every bank website.

Why use SIP Calculator?

The SIP Calculator will show you how the small investments that you will make at regular intervals can provide much better returns over a long period of time. You can use the calculator to check the returns which are generated on the basis of the details provided by you.

How to Use SIP Calculator?

To calculate the return for SIP Investment, you have to enter some details.

  • Enter Monthly Investment Amount (Rs.)
  • Investment Periods (in years).
  • Expected Annual Returns (in %).
  • Or if any other details required.

These are the basic details that are required to calculate the return and if you use any other website or need any other details, then you can enter it.

Benefits of SIP Investment

  • You don’t have to focus on timing the market.
  • You can invest the amount as per your capability.
  • Amount invested on a monthly basis, and then there will be no impact on market volatility.
  • The amount will be deducted automatically from the bank account, it makes you committed to guarantee for the saving or investment.
  • It is very flexible for saving, you can create, update, cancel the SIP investment anytime.
  • You can start saving with the minimum amount of 1000 Rs.

If you don’t know much about SIP investment and its returns, then you can take Sip guide by financesjungle or you can contact the relationship manager of your bank.

The RM will explain everything you in detail which will help you to understand the procedure and its benefits. You can request for the service, RM will explain everything over the phone, or they will come to your place to explain you everything.

Start SIP Investment Online

SIP Investment Online

If you have access to internet banking, then you can start investing in SIP. You can calculate the return by using the bank’s investment calculator.

Starting the investment online is really a great choice, you can easily cancel or update the SIP investment online itself, it is an easy mode of investment and you will have a flawless experience.

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