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Actor Kim Sun-Ho hails from Korea. Prior to making his screen debut in The Good Manager in 2017, he began his career on stage and participated in a number of productions. He became well-known for his Netflix series Startup (2020), tvN, and His major part in the television series Hometown His Cha-Cha-Cha (2021) helped him gain notoriety. Actor Kim Seon Ho’s basic information is readily available in this article, including his full name, nickname, nationality, age, place of birth, height, weight, gender, occupation, agent, family, and many other details.

Kim Seon Ho Bio Profile

Bio, Education, and Family

Kim Seon-ho, who turned 37 this year, was born on May 8, 1986. He was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea’s Seongbuk-dong neighborhood. He is a Catholic and of Korean-South Korean descent. Kim was raised as a lone child in Seoul’s Bongcheon-dong neighborhood. He identifies as introverted and insecure in his early and adolescent years, which he links to a painful event in his early years. Kim just dodged the knife attack on his mother during a house invasion by hiding beneath his bed. After enrolling in an acting program during his third year of high school, he gradually overcame this trauma by performing.

Kim attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts after high school, where he studied and graduated with a degree in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment. He joined the theatre group on school, Theatrical Art Research Society [ko], while he was a student. Kim began performing in plays including Chunpung’s Wife, The Seagull, and My Town at the theatre club. Kim’s obligatory military service ended in 2007 prior to his acting career. He began his career at the Nonsan Army Training Centre as an assistant instructor before moving on to become a public servant. His military service extended his perspective.


In 2009, Kim made his stage debut in the open-run production of New Boeing Boeing, which was a 2009 version of the French play of the same name. He returned to the show in 2013. In the 2012 Korean production of Sherlock Holmes by William Gillette, Kim played the part of Dr. Watson. Kim played the lead part in Park Jung-in’s play Words I Couldn’t Say for Seven Years, which was performed at Daehakro Moonlight Theatre at the end of 2013. Kim returned to his role at the Figaro Art Hall in Jung-gu, Ulsan in March 2014.

Kim was cast in three roles for the tenth season of Rooftop House Cat, a play by Aligator Theatre Company, in the autumn of that same year. Kim defeated almost two hundred aspirants in an open audition to secure the role of protagonist Lee Kyung-min. He was then recast for the upcoming seasons 11 and 12. He was chosen for a second title role in the play Purpose of Love by the Aligator Theatre Company in 2015. Both plays are well-known Daehakro open-run love comedies, which are equivalent to Off-Broadway productions.

Later, the Aligator Theatre Company staged limited-run plays featuring him in darker parts, broadening his repertory. Kim tried out for the Austin part in Oh Man-seok’s Korean adaptation of Sam Shepard’s critically acclaimed True West in 2015. Alongside Moon Sung-il and Lee Hyun-wook, he was cast in three roles as Austin. They took turns facing Kim Jun-won, Jeon Seok-ho, and Lee Dae-il, who portrayed Austin’s older brother Lee. At the moment ticket sales commenced, the show was number one in theatre ticket sales, according to Interpark. It ran from August 13 to November 1 at the University Road A Art Hall. He performed as Valentin in the Korean stage production of Manuel Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman at Seoul’s Art One Theatre in 2015. Kim achieved only little success and became known as the “theatre idol”. Kim put himself to the test in 2016 by trying out for several parts in Theatre Ganda’s presentation of Almost, Maine, an omnibus play by John Cariani. After surpassing the 200-to-1 competition rate, Kim was cast and started playing for the second team in April 2012.

Kim performed in two consecutive shows with Aligator Theatre Company in 2016. In the Korean repeat of playwright Sam Shepard’s True West Return, he played Austin once more. Then made an appearance opposite Bae Seong-woo, Kim So-jin, and Park So-dam in the 2016 revival of Patrick Marber’s hit play Closer on stage. He received praise from critics for his electrifying enthusiasm on stage. Kim became a part of Park Dong-wook’s play Voice of Millenium in November 2016. Ahn Hyuk-won and Jeon Seok-ho created Space to Create, a theatre group that produced the play. It was presented at the Dongsoong Art Centre Dongsoong Small Theatre from November 5 to December 31 under the direction of Park Seon-hee.

After seeing his play Closer, producer Lee Eun-jin [ko] encouraged Kim to try out for the KBS2 office drama Good Manager. Kim made his on-screen debut in the drama at the start of 2017. His next production, Strongest Deliveryman, was his first on-screen starring role, albeit he had originally auditioned for a supporting role. He was nominated for a 2017 KBS Drama Award award for Best New Actor for both roles. Later in 2017, Kim played a cunning con artist in the MBC action comedy Two Cops, costarring with Jo Jung-suk. After rewatching his audition tape, the director decided to promote him from his intended supporting role to the second lead. Kim won two prizes at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards for his performance. He returned to the stage as Valentin in an encore presentation of Kiss of the Spider Woman while the drama was still broadcasting.

In the May 2018 drama special You Drive Me Crazy, Kim played the starring role of a painter throughout four episodes. He also participated in the historical drama 100 Days My Prince in April of the same year, playing the role of genius Yangban Jung Jae-yoon, who was a concubine’s illegitimate son and had a lower position. Prosopagnosia also afflicted his character. His first historical drama was a preproduction series that went on to become one of the highest-rated shows in the history of Korean cable television. Kim left Aligator Theatre Company in September of that year, and he then started working at S.A.L.T. Entertainment [ko].

Turning to 2019, Kim starred in the JTBC comedy series Welcome to Waikiki 2 as an aspiring singer in March. Alongside Moon Ga-young, Kim Ye-won, Ahn So-hee, and Shin Hyun-soo, he became a member of the new cast. Furthermore, Lee Yi-kyung from the first season returned for the second. Kim costarred with seasoned actress Moon Geun-young in the TVN investigative crime drama Catch the Ghost later in October 2019. After Welcome to Waikiki 2, this was his second major appearance in a feature-length television program. Kim began filming the fourth season of KBS2’s reality series 2 Days & 1 Night on November 5, 2019;[44] for which he won the Rookie Award at the 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards.

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