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How To Draw A Signature With the Easiest Way

In this world of technology, the procedures of authentication and signing a document are substituted with the new technological innovations like digital signatures in particular. People often use digital signatures as they are considered to be more secure than other forms of these innovative signatures.

Today, a large number of countries already recognize digital signatures as legally binding documents due to the security protocols. Moreover, a digital signature is a mathematical scheme that is used to illustrate the authenticity of a digital document.

How To Draw A Signature

Further in this article, we will explore the topic of digital signatures and introduce you to a tool for your better understanding.

What is Digital Signature? What Makes it More Secure?

Digital signatures are referred to as mathematical algorithms which authenticate the integrity of a certain message across a digital document, email, etc. It is more like a virtual fingerprint for every individual and helps to secure their data in their digital documents.

The information of a digital document could be known through a digital signature like its identity, status, time, and origin.

It is correct to say that digital signatures bring ease to the work-life of employees. It is extremely cost-effective, incredibly efficient, legal, and trusted.

In other words, it saves time in every process of digital documents and saves money from the expenses like ink, paper, and mailing charges. That is the reason why digital signatures are enforced in almost every industrial country.

The working of digital signatures is on the concept of cryptography. Both public key cryptography and private key cryptography helps to secure your digital documents in different ways.

Public key cryptography uses a key pair system cryptographic method, whereas private key cryptography encrypts the data to ensure the integrity of your document.

Every person in this world has a unique handwritten signature. Likewise, the trusted service providers provide you with a unique digital identity in the form of digital signatures. A person’s signature on a document authenticates its digital signature identity. Further, it gets encrypted using infrastructure technology such as private key cryptography.

Why Should You Promote Using Digital Signature for Your Work?

The importance of a new technological innovation like digital signatures is growing day by day. Now the efforts of signing transactions and agreements rather than delivering them physically are fully replaced with digital documents.

You always need to check that your digital document is secure or not. This way, the risk of tampering with digital documents will be reduced.

Digital signatures make it easier to sign a document on any mobile device or computer. Some other advantages of digital signatures are discussed below.

Security of Digital Document

No one wants to risk their business data and documents being destroyed, misplaced, or stolen. Destruction can be caused due to any kind of unforeseen disaster, flood, or fire. That is the reason why we prefer digital documents for prevention purposes. Digital documents will reduce the chance of data being destroyed or stolen.

Management of Time

Searching for physical documents is quite tiring for you as you need to pass through a lengthy and time-consuming process. We can say that digital signatures turn these time-consuming procedures that take hours or days into minutes. Using digital signatures, you can find your documents in a few minutes on a secure server.


The security and compliance which data signatures provide to people around the world make it legal in almost every country. Using this technology, people now save their time and cost in their businesses by remotely and securely signing documents through digital signatures.

Draw Your Hand-Made Digital Signature with Signature Generator

Along with many other useful features, CocoSign introduces us to the Signature Generator. It is an online tool that is known as a signature creator or signature maker. This tool offers you to customize your own signature and sign your documents with these signatures. You can simply do this by uploading your DOC and PDF files and then download your digital document.

Well, Signature Generator is also a professional email signature tool. Millions of people around the whole world use this tool for generating their digital signatures. Furthermore, we will guide you on how you can make your own digital signatures using Signature Generator. The following steps are provided below:

Step 1: Open Signature Generator Website

First of all, visit the official website of Signature Generator using your mobile device or any kind of computer or laptop.

Step 2: Draw Your Signature

Now you need to draw your signatures on the blank screen of your device using your touchpad or mouse.

Step 3: Apply Color To Your Signature

After drawing your signature, you can now use the coloring feature of Signature Generator to color your signature for a better look.

Step 4: Download Your Signature

To download your signature, you can simply click on the “Save” button on the screen. You can also attach it with the uploaded document.

Step 5: Place Your Signature (Optional)

When you are done with saving your signature, you can now place your drawn signature at the bottom of the document. After that, press the “Done” button as you complete the signing process.

Step 6: Download and Print Your Document (Optional)

In the last step, you are now free to save, print, or download your document with your choice. You can also further send it to some other recipients.

Wrapping Up

We conclude this article with a detailed discussion on the topic of Digital Signatures. It is an innovative technology that can bring many positive changes in your work life.

Using digital signatures, you can remote and secure your data on a secure server. With many other advantages of digital signatures, we have discussed that it saves our time, cost, documents, and other data.

Moreover, we have discussed the Signature Generator, which is an incredible tool. This tool basically allows you to sign your documents or emails digitally. You can now generate your own digital signatures using this tool without any difficulty.

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