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10 Amazing Facts of People Born In December

December born are the charmers as they have this trait of bringing a place alive with their jokes and smile. They wear that big smile on their face most of the times and that is how people start recognizing them. They are attractive personalities and have a very gentle heart as well. They take their responsibilities very seriously and perform them sincerely with that smile always in place. Following are some of the qualities of people born in December.

Characteristics of People Born In December

Attractive People are Born In December

Attractive People are Born In December

1) They are very practical about life 🙂

Practical approach

Practical approach

December born are not dreamers and stick to reality at all times. They grasp the harsh reality at a very early age. Their acceptance and maturity is greatly praised by the people around them.

2) They often give an impression o being egoists 😛

alia bhatt

There is a difference between ego and self esteem

A lot of people might say that they have an ego bigger than themselves but only the closest ones can tell that it is their self-esteem and they never bargain on that no matter what. So if they give you a hard time just remember that it’s their self-esteem talking. Most of their decisions reflect this nature and they are very comfortable with it.

3) They are big time Patriots 😀


Their country is their religion

Country means a lot to them and they will not hear a word about it. It’s because of their great devotion to the country that they have a keen interest in politics. They are not one of those who point out the flaws in their nation but are amongst those who love it for all the good that it has.

4) December born are highly opinionated 🙂

They are highly opinionated

They are highly opinionated

They have their say in every matter. No matter what be the topic of discussion in a gathering they don’t shy away from putting up their thoughts and evaluations, especially in the political matters. They love to sit among people and discuss different subjects and use their vast knowledge. This is one of the reasons why they are great debaters and teachers.

5) They believe in true commitment 😀

They believe in true commitment

They believe in true commitment

When they find themselves in a relationship they behold it with all the love in their heart and are very true to their partners. Commitment means the world to them. Their relationships might also become tough for the same reason because they expect the same level of commitment but work thing out to fix problems.

6) They don’t let their emotions drive them 😉

Salman Khan

They are more logical than emotional

It is because of their practical approach in life that they are very logical people and depend on facts and figures to arrive at any decision in all the matters.

7) No matter what their age is, they are always alive in their hearts 😀

madhuri dixit

Decemberists turn not older with years, But newer every day

Their enthusiasm is not dulled with their age. They are very charismatic people no matter which age group they fall in. They are known to spread positivity around themselves. No circumstances can dull their high spirits and the love for life.

8) They value Freedom in every form 😀


They value Freedom

December born are people with free spirits. They make the most of the freedom that they have. They love to talk and express their views. They cannot be contained within an environment and need their own space to live. The harder you try to bind them, the more they will stay away. They do not believe in bondage and living like prisoner. This is one of their strongest characteristic traits.

9) Spirituality, athletics and animals attract them


They are attracted towards holistic healing and sports

Because of their vast knowledge they wholeheartedly believe in holistic healing. They are true sports person and if not they have a great interest in sports and love talking about it as well. They love animals and have a great interest in understanding their ways of adaptation and living.

10) Great travelers if their health allows them to travel 🙁

Nargis Fakhri

Travel freak, but their health issues become a problem

Their hunger for knowledge drives them to travel all the places and they are fascinated by all that there is hidden in this world. They make great travelers but sometimes their health can hold them back and keep them from pursuing this dream.

Summing all this up, December born are great personalities and fall in the lot of people whom everyone wants to befriend. They talk to everyone but don’t just call anyone their friend. They are known for bringing joy and reason for celebration. Well that’s why their birthday is just ahead of the new year.

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Share If you are born in December month and tell the people about you !! And What other qualities of people born in December do you know? Share your thoughts via comment, please !! 🙂

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  • I was born in December the 9th wasn’t too happy about it. Teased mercilessly for being youngest of peers in school,get snubbed by Christmas, people making fun of late birthday you won’t turn another year older until the end of the year. People go my so and so we’re born in December and they didn’t face that good for them,but I did. Other December borns didn’t understand me,my mom was born in January wasn’t too understanding until last few yrs of her life,she was oldest of peers opposite. I like turning a year older just hate that I have to wait so long. My old friend and penpal born February 23 the first person to show compassion for my late birthday. We were discussing birthdays said hers was February 23 and she asked when’s mines I said December 9 she goes don’t it seem like it take forever for your birthday to come. I said yes finally someone who understand. I wished I had earlier birthday would had been a year older now, middle birthday a year older now as well.

  • It is true….. I am proud been a December Born. I thank God almighty..!!

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