4 Ways to Use A VIN Number to Check A Car’s Options

Just as humans have DNA, vehicles have the VIN number. By decoding VIN, finding every crucial information like country of origin, engine types, manufacturing year, model, and the like will be a piece of cake. But, there is a catch.

VIN is a 17-digit long code and each digit/alphabet, mentioned in it, has a special meaning.

For accurate and quick VIN decoding, it’s crucial that the platform you’re using is reliable, has a huge database to provide results for every query, and is backed with enough security to make sure the information is not leaked.

Ways to Use A VIN Number

While there are thousands of VIN Check websites available, not everyone is able to perform the job as it should be.

We assessed a couple of online VIN check services and were able to spot the top four choices for you. Have a look at them, get to know what makes them special, and use them without any worries.

A Bit More About VIN

Before we talk about the 4 viable ways to check the VIN of a car, let’s educate you a bit more about this crucial code.

As quoted above VIN is a 17 character long alpha-numeric code, unique to each vehicle, and allotted at the time of manufacturing. As no two vehicles, VINs are the same, calling them vehicles’ fingerprints won’t be erroneous.

In case of a new vehicle purchase, checking this quote from a VIN decoder grants ultimate peace of mind as one can verify the authenticity of the vehicle.

For pre-owned vehicles, VIN is no less than a boon as it brings clarity about the vehicle’s history, registration, actual mileage, engine conditions, and much other key information, which sellers can hide.

Spotting VIN is not as tough as there are certain places where VIN is mentioned in all kinds of vehicles. The most common places to spot VIN are the windshield, corner of the vehicle, driver’s side of the vehicle, or on the doorpost of the front door.

In documents, VIN is mentioned on the insurance card and registration papers. Now that every nitty-gritty of VIN is explained, it’s time to know about the four viable ways to unfold the information that a particular VIN is holding.

Toyota VIN Decoder 

The number one spot in the list is grabbed by the Toyota VIN decoder as it features a huge database and high-end AI to bring updated and latest VIN information. It’s entirely free to use and provides detailed VIN reports.

Toyota VIN Decoder 

The website is clutter-free and is very easy to use. The best part is things are not presented in a clumsy manner. There is a search bar, present on the top of the website, wherein one needs to enter the VIN and hit the ‘Enter’ button.

Results will be displayed within a few seconds. You can save the report or download it for future reference.

Other than the common information, the VIN report, extracted from the Toyota VIN decoder features details like damage report, accident data, airbag deployment, damage severity, structural damage, and other details.

Having so many details allows a prospective pre-owned vehicle buyer to make a concise decision.

There is a FAQ section, explaining every bit of the VIN, in a very simple and informative way. All in all, there won’t be hassles while using this online VIN check platform.

BMW VIN Decoder 

Trying VIN check for the first time and want to face the least possible hassles? We would suggest you try the BMW VIN decoder.

BMW VIN Decoder 

This is an open-source VIN decoder, featuring thousands of VIN records. Regardless of the model and type of the vehicle, this VIN check platform will bring dependable details to you without asking for a single penny.

The website is properly optimized and can be accessed in all kinds of browsers as long as an active internet connection is there. Even the website is mobile optimized. It means it’s the on-the-go solution.

There is no time-taking installation & set-up asked by the website to use its services which is also a plus point. Access the device, open the browser, enter the details, and you will have all the VIN details.

Ford VIN Decoder 

Up next in the line is the Ford VIN decoder, a VIN check platform designed with the latest technology. Its AI is so fast that it only takes 5-7 seconds to search the thousands of records.

Ford VIN Decoder 

Ford VIN Decoder won’t make you wait to bring results. Also, it won’t ask for unwanted details like is there sunroof, types of tires, etc. so provide the VIN details.

As long as you have a VIN, you’re all set to go. The website also features a little VIN check guide, helping first-timers to have easy decoding. The VIN report is informative enough to use for informational and purchase reference purposes.

Ford VIN decoder is special in one more sense and it is its high-end encryption.

Using the website is safe as no malware or viruses can reach you.

Chevy VIN Decoder 

Lastly, it is the Chevy VIN decoder we would like to suggest!

Trusted by thousands already, this free VIN check online platform is famous for bringing updated results. There is no sign-up or registration required when you take its services. Isn’t it a huge plus point as it ensures instant assistance?!

Chevy VIN Decoder 

Though it’s a free VIN check platform, it’s not filled with unwanted ads and annoyance. Detailed assistance about using the website and decoding the VIN is offered. So, even if you’re doing it for the first time, there won’t be hassles or hurdles.

Note: The information provided by all the above-mentioned VIN decoders should only be used for reference purposes and awareness of the vehicle buyer. They can’t be used for legal purposes. 

Ending notes

Checking VIN, before the purchase, is a sign of an informed and aware buyer. But, it is useful that an online VIN is decoded properly and provides accurate information. For this, accessing the right kind of VIN is crucial.

All the above-mentioned VIN decoders are of best-of-breed and are equipped with every facility to bring only reliable VIN information. They are worth a try.

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