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Hexlock Review – A Smart App Locker for Your Mobile

It has been rightly said that smartphones have managed to take over maximum part of our lives because most of the people depend on their smartphones and tablets for storing important data. Be it at home or in the office, people prefer working more on smartphones and tablets rather than on laptops now. You might have the data on your smartphone or tablet which you don’t want to share with your family or friends. And there are those business people who prefer keeping their business related information stored on their devices.

Hexlock App – Smart Privacy Protection

Hexlock App

But, recently, I did receive few inquiries associated with the protection of the data from the unauthorized users. So, if you are concerned about the privacy of the data stored on your smartphone or tablet, then you must install an app locker on the device.

The app locker is an app which you must install on the device on which you want to lock the data for your own use and don’t want others to have an access to the same. It helps in protecting the data by locking it. And yes, the app lockers offers a number of ways to lock the data on a device including using a password, PIN lock, fingerprint lock, pattern lock, etc.

Luckily, we have numerous app lockers available out there for the smartphones and tablets. And this actually makes it a difficult task for the people to choose the best one among all. But, today I am here with one of the best app lockers available for the Android users. And that is, Hexlock. So, read on further to know what made me say Hexlock, the best app locker.

Hexlock App Locker

Hexlock is an app locker application which is available for free to the Android users by Liquidum. This app does offer a lot of features to the users for protecting the private data from an access by the unauthorized users. At present, this app locker is used by more than 1 million Android users. I would personally give this app locker, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Check out the detailed review below.

Hexlock User Interface

Personally, I just loved the UI of Hexlock app because it is really cool and an amazing one. Apart from this, it is user-friendly. It is responsive as well as attractive and fast. It has got a new material design which makes it look cool and awesome. The interface of Hexlock doesn’t have any unusual animations or transactions which interrupt while navigating and thus makes it the best app locker for all the devices including the ones which have low internal memory.

Key Features of Hexlock

In this section, I will talk about the notable features of Hexlock app locker. These features together make this app locker the best and the smart app locker for Android.

Automatic App Locker

The Hexlock app locker provides the users with a feature of advanced security. YES. This app actually locks the apps automatically after you enable the feature of auto locking app. This feature is preferred mostly while connecting to WiFi.

Auto-Switching Profiles

You might be thinking that what kind of feature is this. Believe me, it is an awesome feature offered by Hexlock. You can create multiple profiles under one category like school, work, parental, home, etc. And you can unlock or lock the profiles according to your needs. This feature even helps the user in switching to different profile while connecting through WiFi. And when you disconnect from the connected WiFi, this feature will revert you back to the previous profile.

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint lock

Most of the devices these days have an inbuilt feature of fingerprint lock which helps in an advanced security of the device. The Hexlock app also offers the fingerprint lock feature to the users which help in protecting the apps with a fingerprint lock. Unfortunately, at present, this feature is only available for the Samsung users. With the more future updates to the app, you will be able to get it on all the devices for sure.


There are only a few apps which offer a customization feature for a smartphone or a tablet. One of those apps is the Hexlock which allow the users to customize the background as well as the lock screen easily. It even allows the users to add a custom photo or use solid colors on the lock screen.

Media Vault

Media vault

Media Vault feature of Hexlock allows the users to hide the important data including the videos and images easily. It is not required to install any more apps for this task.

Throughout my testing of the Hexlock app lock, it worked consistently and flawlessly.   I have already told you that Hexlock app locker is available for free. But there are a lot of in-app ads which really irritate sometimes. And if you want to remove them from the app, then you have to pay $0.15 for the same.

Hexlock for Android


Hexlock app locker is a smart locker for the Android apps and ensures the security of your private and important data stored on the device. It does have the coolest features which any app locker can have which includes customization, automatic app lock, auto switching profiles, etc. these features made me fall in love with this app locker. Not only this, these features actually made Hexlock, the best app locker for Android.

So guys, stop wasting your time anymore. Just install Hexlock on your Android smartphone or tablet right away. Use it and don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section below. 🙂

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