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Top 10 Best Temporary Email Services – Best Disposable Email

Many of us have experienced the inconvenience while dealing with a website when you are asked about your mailing details. Once, you issue your email address and other related details, a long queue of spam messages and ads start popping up in your inbox even when you don’t need them.

Disposable Email Services for Temporary Email Address

Such useless emails make it very difficult to manage your mail memory space and many times poses a big hindrance in sorting out the important mails of your use. Hence, we need a method using which we can judiciously manage our emails without wasting much of our time and energy.

One of the useful and most effective methods of dealing with this problem of junk mails is to use temporary email services. Such services are easy to use and are greatly popular these days due to their simple to use nature and easy accessibility.

These services can be free of cost or you may be asked to pay a bit on your part for the services depending up on the features provided by the service provider.

How do these temporary e mail services help?

The temporary e mail services provide the user with a temporary e mail address that is disposable. These addresses can be used at the time of login on any of the sites of your short-term use and are disposed of after some time when they are not in use.

They are of great help when it comes to managing your e mail accounts and helps you in getting rid of the spam messages and ads every time you log in to your mail account. This saves your time spent in deleting the useless mails and messages and also makes your e mail account more organized and well managed.

The disposable e mail services provide safety to your data which can otherwise be used to threaten you or cause harm to you. They assure anonymity to its subscribers.

Words of advice:

Although such disposable email services are of great help proper care must be taken while sharing your information before availing such services. it is highly recommended to avoid the sharing of any personal information and details that can cause harm to you if in case they are leaked due to any discrepancy.

10 best temporary email services available for you

Here is a list of 10 best temporary email service providers to serve your purpose in the best possible manner:


This service provider offers two provisions for availing its services which are ‘free’ and ‘paid’. You can make a single alias through the free services but for making multiple aliases one needs to opt for the premium package offered by the provider.

The messages of the associated alias are forwarded to the primary e mail address. With this service, you can also increase your cloud space.


This is a public domain temporary service which means that the alias chosen by you can also be chosen by any other user. However, if you opt for premium services, no other person can claim your alias. The mails are deleted after some time themselves.


This is a very easy to use disposable e mail service. You get a permanent inbox for temporary e mail which stays there until the domain is active. However, a prior notice of domain being refreshed is sent to the user via a notification so that he or she does not suffer abruptly.

It is developed by the developers of popular AirMail and plus these are very handy to use as you can add and delete the alias yourself manually.


The name of this service explains its purpose itself, which is ‘junk mail’ (in Arabic). This service auto deletes the junks mails after 45 minutes which is a surety of safety against various other users.

Also, you get the benefit of creating your own alias with the domain name of your own choice. One must refresh his or her domain to avoid the automatic deletion of the alias.


This service provides a unique disposable email address to the user using which he or she can log in to the places or sites they want. The junk mails are sent to the e mail address provided but there is no specified time for such mail to get deleted.

Also, you get the facility to recover your deleted e mail address but the deleted mails cannot be retrieved. You can also opt for the premium services if you wish to have more than one domain for yourself.

Create Temporary Email Address


This service is of great use when you are in a mood to try out any new service or content online but require an e mail to sign up. The e mail addresses are deleted after 10 minutes. However, the tenure of the active domain can be increased by clicking on the reset button which gives a further extension of 10 minutes.


This service provider is yet another public domain provider that is a single domain can be used by multiple users. However, it provides a unique feature of choosing more than one domain and allotting the domain name of your choice to it.

Guerilla mail

This is another good option for your purpose which does not even require you to register. The junk mails stay there for only 60minutes and then are deleted. Also, one more feature that adds to the plus point of this service is the compose mail feature which is of great use.

Throwaway email

This service allows e mail address which is there for 48 hours and is then deleted. If you wish to make it a permanent one then you have to visit your mail before the time of 48 hours is over. Cookies must be active on the browser for using this service.


If you want multiple language support, this is the best service for you. It deletes the mails after every 8 days. They also provide plugin for quick access to sites of your preference.

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