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Top 5 Technology Issues for Small Businesses

When it comes to the operation of today’s businesses, information technology plays a huge role. It has the ability to propel businesses ahead of the competition when used properly. However, if things aren’t exactly going well in the IT department, it can cause a number of issues.

Top Technology Issues for Business 2017

Technology Issues

While not all companies are going to be able to keep a full IT department on staff, there is another option. By using the services of a third party company offering IT Support Glasgow, the entire situation can be fixed.

With IT support on-call and on-demand, business owners can handle any IT issue that may arise. The top five issues that these third-party companies help with can be found here.

1) Issues with New Technology Integration

With new technologies being released all the time, there are some situations where they don’t exactly “play nice” with older systems and solutions that are already in place. This may result in the double entry of certain data, having to look in several places for the information needed and other types of inefficiencies.

However, with the help of professional IT services, this is not an issue. They can make sure all new technology is implemented and is problem free from the beginning.

2) Disaster Recovery and Backup Challenges

If you have ever deleted a file by accident, experienced any type of power outage, had one of your servers crash or experience any other type of “data disaster,” then you know that it is absolutely imperative that you have a disaster recovery and backup plan in place.

With the right backup solution and proper disaster recovery procedures, you can eliminate expensive downtime that may occur.

3) Issues that Aren’t Addressed or Uncovered

When an IT service provider is used, they have a process that will help them track problems and then analyze the data to figure out any trends that are present. When they further investigate into the trends, they may be able to discover an issue that is actually symptom of a larger problem.

By solving the root problem, the issue that is present will go away for good, which means that employees can remain productive rather than having to continually call IT support for help.

4) Security Risks

Security Risks

While this is likely clear by now with all the issues that have occurred, hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. As a result, more and more small businesses have become the target for their nefarious actions. If a business does not have the right security in place, these hackers may gain access to the company’s confidential communications, trade secrets, HR records and more.

With services from a quality IT service provider, this is not an issue. The professionals will make sure the right safeguards are in place to minimize issues and make sure that no security issues arise.

5) Lack of Strategic Planning for IT Needs

In many situations, business leaders and IT professionals become disconnected. The leaders are looking at the bigger picture, but in some cases, they don’t work with the IT department to make sure that goals can be achieved without technology becoming a liability.

However, with an IT service provider, this is a non-issue. They will ensure that everything works together and that businesses have access to the new, innovation technology required to meet the established goals.

When you know what the common technology problems are for a business, you can see how a third-party IT service provider could be beneficial. The fact is, they offer a number of services that can be customized to a business’s unique needs.

Being informed and knowing what the service offers is the best way to determine if these services are needed. Learn more about IT services and why you should utilize a third-party provider at your business by visiting the Vector Cloud website or by taking the time to contact the friendly and helpful staff. 🙂

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