3 Ways to Have Readers Share and Share and Like Your Blog Posts

All bloggers love traffic and, even more so, positive comments, but there’s one response that’s the real icing on the cake: social media sharing. But how can bloggers elicit that response? Is there a way to make blog content shareable? Indeed there is. In fact, there are a number of them. Here are three of the best ways to make your content scream “share me”.

Quick Ways to Get Readers to Like and Share Your Blog Posts

Best Ways to Have Readers Share and Share

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A word of warning: Before you apply the following tips to your posts, ensure that you are creating quality content. Tips and tricks are great, but it always starts with content. The phrase “content is king” may seem overused in 2017, but the fact is that it’s more relevant now than ever.

Make your headline stand out

When it comes to your latest post, the headline is the first thing your blog visitor sees. Many won’t even read the entire post, and some won’t even read any of it. But the one thing they can’t ignore your headline. The crazy thing is that some visitors still share the blog post, even if they haven’t bothered to read it, simply because of the headline.

Some do it out of sheer vanity: they see a controversial topic and feel that their post will receive more likes and comments and they will be seen as somewhat of an opinion leader or news breaker. Or it might simply be that they have a number of social contacts with interests relevant to the post title and the person sharing the content feels that it would be valuable to them.

It’s perhaps easier to come up with great headlines in some niches than it is in others. Politics is one such niche, with certain figures in particular of late having been featured relentlessly in the news for their various sound bites and controversial policies.

Giveaways are always a good one, which you can see in very competitive industries such as online casinos, where sites such as can generate a click by shouting about its 100% matched bonus for new players, or perhaps free spins on some of its slots games.

But whatever you do, don’t resort to clickbait: promising to deliver something your content doesn’t will only put off people – sure, some may click but nobody will share, and you will lose credibility.

Lay out your post

Lay out your post

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How your blog post is laid out can have a significant influence on how it’s perceived. To improve readability, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind. First, use as many sub-headings as you can. The more you break up your content, the easier it is to consume and the easier it is for the reader to find the specific information they are looking for. Your post may even receive more shares based on one of its sub-sections.

You also need to take the posts’s visual content into account. This helps to break up your post even further, as well as helping you to get across whatever point you’re trying to make. Sometimes a reader will share the image as opposed to the actual content, which could still ultimately lead to more eyes on your post.

Add social sharing buttons

You need to make your post as easy to share as possible.

The first thing to do is to add social sharing buttons to your post. There are a number of social sharing plugins available. You may want to try a few and assess how they affect your social sharing rate. You would be wise to experiment by placing them in various areas of your posts, as well as testing different shapes and colours.

You could also include click-to-tweets throughout your posts. They help to both break up the content and attract more shares.

Sure, some readers would say that these are just the basics, but you’d be surprised at how many of are aware of the basics but still don’t follow them. There’s no better time to make your social media strategy more effective than now.

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  • Hi Harshil,

    Indeed, first of all we have to strive to create quality content and “deserve” each share.

    I would like to add that networking and supporting others will help your posts to gain more shares. But this means that you have to be active on social networks too, share other blogger’s posts and communicate with them.

    Thank you for sharing!