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When It Becomes Too Much

If like me you view your smartphone as an essential piece of kit not only for texting or making calls but more so for keeping up-to-date with the social media sites and for carrying out many of the daily tasks that would have, in the past, eaten time out of my busy life.

When It Becomes Too Much

To be honest it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to complete all that I want to and I look to my smartphone for so many things that to lose it or have it stolen would tantamount to a minor disaster.

Personally I am tending to use my own smartphone to source my entertainment as well as carrying out my banking and browsing the internet.

I find that being able to play a game like those live dealer casino games whenever and wherever I choose actually relaxes me during my busy day.

Not only can I enjoy all the action that these spectacular games offer me but I am also in with the chance of a win and all come with the convivence of being able to play when I choose and because I love the live dealer games I can interact with a real live human dealer or croupier.

That added component really does make a difference to the authentic feel of my mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming

There is no doubt that a smartphone, tablet or your computer are productive tools, but over-use of these tools can actually interfere with school, work and ultimately they can even effect relationships.

Today, you can go into any place where people gather, a restaurant, a bar and even at home to see a great percentage of those people on their smartphones, and when more time is given to being online than interacting with real people then it could be that its time to reassess how you use the technology about you.

There are so many people obsessed with their devices that they repeatedly check texts, apps and mail to the extent that they sometimes ignore the ones they are with.

‘Phone Snubbing’ or ‘Phubbing’ is a term given to this action and can ultimately lead to relationship splits when one person is left out in favour of the other chatting with someone half way around the world.

Virtual friends and relationships do have their place, but not to the extent where real-life ones are ignored, so if you happen to be one of a couple and find yourself checking you phone more than speaking to your significant other, then maybe its time to look at things you can do to prevent the deterioration of your real-life relationship.

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