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Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Web Hosting

Every website owner knows that a web host can make or break a website. That’s because it is the web host that determines how easily accessible your website is to your audience. The importance of a web host is accentuated by the fact that, search engine algorithms are very unforgiving.

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For instance, Google search algorithms give preference to sites that can load in under a second. As such, if your web hosting company can’t give you such speeds, then your site won’t rank, regardless of the quality of your content. To give you an edge in online business, here is everything you have ever wanted to know about web hosting.

1] The package you choose is key to your site’s success

Web hosting companies usually have different packages for different categories for users.  Higher priced packages come with higher bandwidth, and speeds, which means your site loads fast, even under heavy usage.

As such, before you choose a package, focus more on your website’s potential growth, and not the amount you are parting with for the package. If you choose a cheap package with limited bandwidth, you might end up limiting your site’s growth potential.

To help you make the right choice, check out these web hosting recommendations that could help you choose the right company, and the right package.

2] Dedicated servers are the best

One thing you will quickly notice when going through web hosting sites is that, they have offers for dedicated hosting, and it’s comparatively expensive. Well, that’s because, it also gives you a higher quality of service. With dedicated servers, you have less downtime, and higher levels of security.

As such, if you are running a website that handles lots of clients, and deals with sensitive data, dedicated servers are the best. It may be expensive but the potential cost of data loss in case of a breach makes it worthwhile.

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However, if you just run a normal informational website that doesn’t have serious security requirements, shared servers may do the job just fine.

On the other hand, if you want a mix of security and more uptime without the high cost, you may look into hybrid servers. These are more of a compromise between shared servers and dedicated servers.

3] The reputation of a web hosting company is critical

Before you settle for a web hosting company, go through its customer reviews. This can save you money, and lots of headache in the future. One of the things to look out for is their customer service. For the best service, go for a company that ranks highly on customer service.

This assures you that they will quickly respond to your needs in case you experience any problems. Since websites run 24/7, go for a web hosting company that has 24/7 support services. With such a company, you are sure that any downtime issues are resolved as soon as they happen.

A web hosting company without a reliable customer service can cost you money, if clients can access your website when they need it.

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